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Before you trick or treat, why not trick or vote?

Before You Trick or Treat This Year...
Why Not Trick or Vote?!
We’ve seen some truly scary things this election season, but now’s your chance to reach out to voters in the Triangle and urge them to head to the polls anyway.

From the Democracy North Carolina GOTV Team:
Join Trick or Vote and their partner Rock the Vote in a Triangle area canvass – and come dressed as your favorite Halloween character so you're ready to party afterward!
Where: UNC Student Union, Chapel Hill (Map: meet at the walkway between the Union and the Union Annex in The Pit area )
When: Friday, October 29th, 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM
What to Bring: Walking shoes, a water bottle and your costume!
For More Information: Contact Tracy Leatherberry at Tracy@rockthevote or (336) 312-5196.

Unleashing the youngun's on Blue NC...

Democracy Summer started today, which means ten of the best and the brightest college students in NC are going to be hanging around Dem NC for the next 9 weeks, learning the ropes of community organizing and communicating to others about our issues as well as getting out the vote. We'll have students in Greensboro, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, Greenville and Winston-Salem if you have a speaking gig for them (maybe on Voter-Owned Elections or Youth Early Registration?). It's good practice for them and it's kind of refreshing to see their passion for government. Just email me if you want to try and arrange something. They'll also be over here on Blue NC learning the fine art of blogging (if anyone has any ideas on what that is!)... so be nice to them when you see them in these here parts!

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