I don't personally know diddly-squat about marijuana. Orange jump-suits and prison have never appealed enough to me to do any experimentation. However, I predict that as soon as NC politicians figure out what's happening in Colorado, they'll be making clucking noises about how they disapprove of marijuana ... while their eyes are secretly lighting up at the prospect of legalizing it here.

Think of the money to be made, the taxes, the patronage jobs to be awarded, new state-owned stores (like the ABC) and the wealthy friends and campaign benefactors they can award licenses to grow the stuff. In Colorado it's going for $40-60 for 1/8th of an ounce with taxes of up to 30% added. This is, like the state liquor business, legalized extortion.

What I think of Washington's new law

But like all really cool sunglasses, these have been lost.

Global warming deniers, you will be denied.

The North Carolina Coastal Resource Commission just finished the first study of sea level rise in the United States. The most significant part of the study was what the report said about what the market has decided about sea level rise.

... even if the public and governments drag their feet on reacting to a changing coast, others aren't waiting to adapt. State Farm, for example, announced this week that it will no longer write or renew insurance policies for structures on barrier islands to reduce its exposure in areas prone to catastrophic events like hurricanes.

Stimulus day - Obama in CO - and on budgets, dems do know best

Lately, Republicans are constantly telling me new theories about Barack Obama or the democrats, including how the dems were planning to "turn the country socialist." (even as our Republicans are calling for the Nationalization of our banks) Even worse, is the claim that Bill Clinton is to blame for the economy.

A Renewable Energy 'blogumentary':Part 2 of 6:Local energy initiatives

Welcome to Part 2: Local Energy Initiatives: This will cover some of the ways citizens have gotten involved in passing laws to change their options for energy use, effectively giving a level playing field fo renewable energy. Now, although this post seems to be Colorado focused, the fact is, in part due to the location of the National Renewable Energy lab in Golden,Colorado combined with an active progressive community, Colorado has been leading the nation in embracing renewable energy. Here to tell us more about this and the Clean Energy Progress Fund - an initiative to be voted on this fall in Colorado, is Professor Thomas McKinnon, a Chemical Engineer,who has worked both with the NREL and with the School of Mines and now heads up the drive to support the Clean Energy Progress Fund.

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