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Larry Kissell, NC-08: Boots Still on the Ground

Lest you think I do nothing but pick on poor newspaper reporters, I've decided to take another approach today. I'm going to show a couple some love. The first, Joanie Morris of the Salisbury Post really earned it. The second, Tim Funk, of The Charlotte Observer is going to get some love for a much better job in portraying Larry's campaign.

After the hatchet job last week of GOP shill, Tim Whitmire, seeing some good strong reporting is refreshing. On a side note, I find myself chuckling over the fact that Whitmire's piece was picked up by only a handful of papers or news sites and only one was in-market. Voters in Fort Wayne, Indiana will probably be wondering who the hell Larry Kissell is and why they can't vote for him as will voters in Myrtle Beach and Hampton Roads, VA. Only WCNC (Channel 6 News) had the piece printed on their web site. The paper of record in North Carolina still has not picked up on the story. The Art Pope Digest in Raleigh carried it, though - big, BIG surprise.

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Give Larry Kissell 10 and He'll Give You Congress, (NC-08)

Larry Kissell has been drawing crowds of volunteers. We are literally coming out of the woodwork, but it will take many, many more of us on the phones, hitting the neighborhoods, putting out signs, attending events and fundraisers, stuffing envelopes and just about every other activity it takes to run a campaign. Those of us living in and around North Carolina's 8th CD will take care of much of that work, but we need your help backing us up on the phones. Give Larry 10 and he'll give you Congress.

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Larry Kissell, NC-08: Media Darling

What do Scotland County, Cumberland County, Richmond County and Cabarrus County all have in common? They have all had a visit from Larry Kissell, a candidate who believes that a good way to lead is to follow. He's following the example of traditional grassroots candidates and knocking on doors, talking to his constituents and listening to their needs and goals for the future. He's leading by standing up for the people in his district and taking their concerns to Washington.

Larry isn't just visiting these counties. He's walking and knocking on doors. The Laurinburg Exchange (registration required) is running a piece that describes Larry's travels through the district in the heat of Indian Summer and Larry is learning from his contituents.

"The majority of the people are very concerned. They're concerned that they can't maintain the life that they've been used to, they're concerned about jobs, education, fuel prices—these things that affect them day to day," he stated. "Throughout this district, every night, there's people that are worrying about this. And that's why we're here."

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Kissell v. Hayes, NC-08: Stompin' in the Park

Saturday was the first day that Larry Kissell and Robin Hayes attended the same campaign event. I've been working much of the afternoon doing my best to write a serious piece of journalism. After all, there was some serious politicking going on at U-PAC's Stumpin' in the Park. My plans were to do a mature piece devoid of snark, sarcasm or silly photoshop pictures.

Yeah....Like that's gonna happen.

The rumor mill started last week with a story that Robin Hayes was bringing a bus full of supporters. The excitement surrounding this event has been building all week. Hayes supporters put signs up along the busy street that runs near the YMCA where the event was held. It happens to be several miles outside the district. The Kissell team put most of our signs in and around the event. Once the event started, it was obvious who ultimately had the better signage.

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The Weekend to Rally for Larry Kissell

This weekend brings two exciting opportunities for Larry Kissell and his supporters. Tonight Congressman Artur Davis will be rallying in support of Larry Kissell at Veteran's Park in Charlotte and tomorrow morning Kissell and Hayes will both be attending an event here in University City.

Tonight (Friday) at 6pm Congressman Artur Davis from Alabama will speak in support of Larry Kissell. The rally is at Veterans Park, 2136 Central Avenue in Charlotte. Congressman Davis is a rising star on the national level. He is an influential member of the Congressional Black Caucus, is Vice-Chair of the DCCC, and serves on the House banking committee. The event is free and open to the public. It will start at 6pm and will be at Veterans Park, located at 2136 Central Avenue.

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Larry Kissell, NC-08 on Kos: Robin Hayes says He's Made No Mistakes!

Robin Hayes has gone on television in an interview with last cycle's opponent, Beth Troutman and has claimed that he's made no mistakes over the last 8 years. Oh, that is rich.

Let's help Larry Kissell spread the word over the next several weeks that Robin Hayes is just a mistake waiting to happen and there's plenty of proof.

Go recommend Larry now.

Larry Kissell An Inspiration

Larry Kissell has provided many of us with the inspiration to do more than just hope things will change in Washington. He's inspired us to do what we can to make things change. He's also inspired some pretty well-known people in the music industry to band together to make music. It's pretty heady stuff, but it's true.

You can listen here to "Have you had Enough?", and then read the story below the fold.....


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