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Daily dose: The irregular Governor edition


N.C. Board of Elections data reveal voter registration irregularities under McCrory (Daily Kos) -- A data-mining analysis of information publicly available from the North Carolina State Board of Elections has uncovered apparently systematic irregularities in voter registration efforts which are required of the state by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 ('Motor Voter Act'). These irregularities, potentially disenfranchising tens of thousands of poverty-level North Carolina citizens, have all occurred during the Republican administration of Gov. Pat McCrory.

Daily dose: Bitter pill for renewable energy edition


NC House OKs freezing renewable energy demands on utilities (AP) — A renewed effort to freeze the percentage of North Carolina's retail electricity sales required to come from renewable sources or efficient efforts passed the state House on Wednesday

Renewable-energy advocates take beating in N.C. House vote; opponents say bill will save customers money (Charlotte Business Journal) -- N.C. House advocates of renewable energy on Wednesday lost industry protections they thought a compromise last week had protected.

Daily dose: Moms step up edition

Protesters target NC bill on gun permits (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Nearly three-dozen moms flooded the General Assembly Tuesday protesting a proposal they said would eliminate background checks on nearly half of all handgun buyers in North Carolina.

Gun bill on hold amid growing opposition (WRAL-TV) -- http://www.wral.com/gun-bill-on-hold-amid-growing-opposition/14625423/A controversial proposal to loosen North Carolina's gun laws has been temporarily put on hold as criticism of the bill grows louder.

Daily dose: McCrory's GEAR slips edition


NC GEAR doesn’t engage at legislative reception (WRAL-TV) -- A key legislative committee gave a chilly reception Monday to the final report from NC GEAR, Gov. Pat McCrory's signature initiative to reform state government. The two-year, $4 million project, headed by McCrory budget director Lee Roberts and deputy director Joe Coletti, made 22 recommendations for reforms, from changing school system purchasing to privatizing the state motor pool.

Daily dose: Houston, you have a problem edition


McCrory headlines Houston’s huge Offshore Tech Conference (Houston Chronicle) -- The annual Offshore Technology Conference in Houston could be the biggest ever despite the lowest oil prices in years. Drilling beneath the world's oceans has yet to feel the full brunt of cheap oil and the thousands of OTC attendees will browse exhibits from 2,600 companies - up from last year's record-setting 2,568 companies. One highlight is a panel of elected officials who will discuss the future of drilling and assess federal and state regulations. The panel includes Republican N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory and House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop , R-Utah.

Daily dose: Guns everywhere edition


After the Mayhem, Politics as Usual (New York Times) -- In North Carolina, lawmakers want to weaken penalties on gun owners who violate a ban on carrying guns in restaurants, and to punish doctors who ask patients about guns as a safety issue. … The idea that this improves public safety is firmly rebutted by the latest figures from the Violence Policy Center , a gun safety research and advocacy organization, which found that at least 743 non-self-defense deaths since 2007 were attributable to individuals with permits to carry concealed weapons. These included 222 suicides.

Daily dose: "He thought they said Koch" edition


Coca-Cola, with McCrory’s help, Tries To Position Itself As Health Food (Media Post) -- How many million marketing dollars will Coca Cola have to spend to make us believe it’s in the business of promoting good health, instead of pushing a constant craving for its sugar- and chemical-laden drinks? … The primary target market is North Carolina, and the Challenge — a partnership between Coca-Cola, CVS and Morris Media Network's Carolina Parent, Piedmont Parent and Charlotte Parent magazines — has the enthusiastic endorsement of Gov. Pat McCrory. “I encourage families within North Carolina to register for this fantastic program and get out and get moving,” he said.

Daily dose: Chairman of the idiot's coalition version


DRIVE TO DRILL: Energy lobbyists behind McCrory's crusade for Atlantic oil (Facing South) -- Instead of moving away from risky offshore oil, the U.S. is now poised to expand exploration and drilling in vast new areas of the ocean. Earlier this year, energy interests scored a major victory when the Obama administration announced it would include waters off the coasts of North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia in a draft five-year plan for offshore oil and gas leasing beginning in 2017 — the first time a federal lease has been proposed for the Atlantic since the early 1980s. The oil and gas industry's success in getting Atlantic drilling back on the agenda can be traced in large part to the full-throttle lobbying efforts of the Outer Continental Shelf Governors Coalition — a secretive group founded in 2011 to revive and expand offshore drilling in the wake of the BP disaster. Based in the offices of its chairman, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina, the Governors Coalition now includes member governors from nine coastal states.

Daily dose: The heroes are back edition

20 arrested at NC Legislature protesting GOP's policies (AP) — Twenty people are facing trespassing and other charges after members of the "Moral Monday" movement disrupted the North Carolina Senate and House on Wednesday to protest Republican policy priorities.

Protests, arrests resume at legislature (WRAL-TV) -- Demonstrators on Wednesday kicked off their third year of protests - and arrests - at the General Assembly.

Daily dose: Tata fails his troops edition


McCrory’s DOT eliminating 81 positions to comply with budget law (AP) — The N.C. Department of Transportation is eliminating 81 positions to comply with last year's state budget law that required it outsource more work to the private sector.

McCrory’s Transportation Secretary lays off 70 NCDOT workers (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Days after he persuaded a state senator to withdraw legislation ordering him to lay off 81 workers at the state Department of Transportation on June 1, Transportation Secretary Tony Tata announced Tuesday that he will lay off 70 workers and eliminate 11 recently vacated jobs.


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