Dallas Woodhouse

Dallas Woodhouse's stealth Tillis US Senate campaign ad

Which is really not that stealthy:

The question you should be asking, Tim, is where did Dallas get the $1.5 million to run this commercial?

Moral Mondays return, with astroturf opposition

Cheerleading tryouts for the Dallas bus-driving squad are being held now:

Barber said that those affiliated with the Moral Monday movement would conduct a voter registration drive this summer. As well, he said, on the week of Memorial Day, the movement will lead a lobby day on that Tuesday.

Dallas Woodhouse, president of Carolina Rising, a recently formed conservative nonprofit, said his group had applied for permits to hold demonstrations on the opposite side of the General Assembly building. "You will see us offer to their message with factional information," Woodhouse said of the Moral Monday announcement. Woodhouse said his group would be "coordinating a policy response" to the Moral Monday protesters and highlight things like a dropping unemployment rate.

Before crafting the first hand-held sign he's already butchering the English language. The word he really wanted was "factual." Then again, it could be his Freudian slip showing from under his bus driver's tunic: fac·tion·al/ˈfakSHənl/ adjective: factional- relating or belonging to a faction. ;) Dumbass.

Dallas Woodhouse forms his own propaganda machine

Seeking to cash in on the river of right-wing money flowing into NC:

Dallas Woodhouse, the sometimes fiery former director of the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity, is launching a political nonprofit organization to bolster the conservative tide in North Carolina.
Woodhouse will announce on Monday that he has formed Carolina Rising to support free market, education and government reform policies.

“Right now North Carolina is witness to an astounding set of economic trends,” Woodhouse said in statement that will be issued Monday. “Our unemployment rate is falling faster than any other state, and our business competitiveness ranking is skyrocketing. At Carolina Rising, our goal is simple: Make sure those trends continue and North Carolina’s economy continues to grow.” Woodhouse said the organization will counter attempts by “proponents of big government” and the “increasingly radical political agenda of the liberal left.”

Pot, meet kettle. Seriously dude, your "free market, education and government reform policies" are the epitome of radical, using unproven theories and rhetorical devices to tear down and reconstruct the fabric of our public policy. And it's not working. In fact, people like you are having to bend the truth backwards in your efforts to claim success. But go right ahead, I look forward to exposing your stupidity.

Clueless in Dallas

If Art Pope is going to spend millions of daddy's money on political propaganda, he might want to find a tool who can keep his foot out of his mouth. From an interview about Moral Mondays at WUNC-FM.

“It’s hard to know exactly from week to week what it is they’re upset about." says Dallas Woodhouse, state director of Americans for Prosperity North Carolina. "One week it’s about Voter ID. One week it’s abortion. One week it’s about union rights. They are basically a coalition of the aggrieved.”

The best little whorehouse in North Carolina

In our brave new world of Republican extremism in North Carolina, insults to decency come fast and furious. But even still, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry when I read this post by Lynn Bonner Under the Dome yesterday.

Americans for Prosperity is preparing a campaign to sell the public on the legislature's plan to change the tax code. AFP representatives and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest will announce the effort at a Tuesday news conference, said AFP state executive director Dallas Woodhouse. The legislature has not presented a detailed plan, though legislators have outlined general principles ... a role for Forest has not been defined, Woodhouse said.

Dallas Woodhouse goes grassrootsy

Dallas Woodhouse seems to think that if he uses the word "grassroots" often enough, he can magically mask the stench of Art Pope's corporate largesse.

The text below received via email from the Bus Driver himself.

Facts contradict Americans for Prosperity claim

When Brave New Films released a recent video about the Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), and the Wake County School Board there was an immediate and indignant response from Dallas Woodhouse of Americans for Prosperity. One sentence did not ring true in the response:

Americans for Prosperity is a nonpartisan, issue-based policy organization and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

AFP campaign finance reports submitted to the North Carolina State Board of Elections reveal that in 2010 AFP spent $189,894.00 on Electioneering Communications in support of 19 North Carolina candidates, comprised of 7 State Senate candidates and 12 State House candidates. A report compiled by the NC Free Enterprise Foundation from various sources puts the total spent by AFP in supporting the 19 candidates at $287,195.22. This is starkly in contrast with Woodhouse's assertion that "Americans for Prosperity ... does not support or oppose candidates for public office."

Hump day handouts

Battling crazy

Americans for Prosperity has learned that Governor Perdue is planning to veto “The Balanced Budget Act of 2011,”a bill that makes modest and necessary spending cuts to this years budget to help close a 2.7 billion dollar projected defecit [sic] in next years budget without raising taxes.

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