Facts have a well-known Liberal bias - Deficit Edition

This afternoon, Mecklenburg Dems were treated to an informative presentation about the (short) history of the US budget deficit from Congressman Mel Watt (NC12).

We learned a lot, but most of all we (re)learned that facts have a well-know Liberal bias.

Follow the link for images, commentary, and the facts.

September editorial

The following will appear as an editorial in the Roxboro local paper. I put out flyers this week at the high school where I work promoting a Teen Democrat meeting next week. 2012 is here.

Conservatives by definition look backwards. Unfortunately, time does not flow backwards; our children and grandchildren will live in the future, not the past.

Conyers Jerks up Obama's Chain on SS, Medicare, Medicaid

Conyers video just called out Obama for attacking SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. He was plain ticked off and said so. Obama is working hard on no second term right now, abandoning his base, reneging on promises, and debranding the Demcratic Party. Frankly it is not clear that Obama regards the Democratic Party as necessary for much of anything, and post 2012 that is surely the case. Conyers video

At another FDL posting, reported demonstration at Obama Campaign HQ in California. Reported complete lack of concern by campaign staff. Demonstration post FDL
Video at:

All this certainly sends a message of huris, arrogance and ignorance - and this man is the titular head of the Democratic Party!

Obama deficit deal rankles Democrats

Democrats weren't too pleased this week with a trial balloon from the Obama White House that cuts (but we won't call them that) to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may be on the table in debt ceiling talks. To preserve tax cuts for America's nouveau aristocracy, sacrifices must be made, right?

Why Beijing's bankers lose sleep at night

Cash is just a means to an end, or is it?

The state of North Carolina has a "rainy day fund" of approx $800 million for a budget of approx $21 billion.

Think about that figure as you consider Suze Orman's incessant advice to have an 8 month liquid emergency fund for an unforeseen financial storm.

For reference, one month is 8.3% of an annual budget.

In your personal life, do you have such a liquid emergency fund (not a retirement fund, home equity, or other less liquid assests)? 

Do you think the organizations you are involved with have 67% (that's eight months times 8.3%) of their annual budget tucked away in a savings account?

Does your church?  Your local charity? Your party?  Are you financially responsible for any of these groups?  Does your board of deacons/directors/trustees talk about it?

Budget Hero!

End our 50-year national nightmare now: Vote Obama!

Here's a letter-to-the-editor that will be printed in my local paper. Permission hereby granted to use any part or all of it in letters to your hometown papers.

John McCain the Deficit Dove

$2,900,000,000,000.00 Budget (political cartoon)

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