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A nonpartisan video guide to voter registration

Though the Democracy Summer college interns have graduated from the program recently, they produced a lot of great materials along the way. With the legislative session setting and the voter registration season rising I thought it would be a great time to share this video starring Trenton, one of the Democracy Summer interns from the class of 2014. You can check out more content produced by the interns throughout the summer at the Democracy Summer blog.

The outside looking in: A commentary on the ACA Hearing in Gastonia

Anyone who attended the US House oversight committee hearing in Gastonia and sat in on it today, certainly was treated to a one-sided, political dog and pony show. I entered the hearings in silence and left in mourning.

Yes, I am in mourning. Mourning for a Country that continues to use PR and marketing tools to jockey for political position while the citizens they profess to be working for are screwed over and left on the side of the road with yesterday’s trash. The hearing had nothing to do with solutions, building communities, reaching out to others or attempting to gather information to make affordable healthcare a reality.

As the Republican committee members asked the rehearsed questions and made their one line zingers, the rest of us sat in silence as the all too predictable drama unfolded. The witnesses regurgitated fox news talking points as the room divided between those who nodded in agreement and those who shook their head in disgust.

An organizer’s life part 2

You may recall a recent blog entry I wrote called Ever wondered what an organizer does? It's not a job title that comes with as much immediate understanding as say doctor, lawyer, cop, or teacher so I wanted to share a little bit about what it is like. In so doing I discussed two issue-campaigns going on at that time. I didn't want to leave folks hanging on how those turned out, so I've swung back around to share what happened with those, and what's ahead.

That the utilities commission picked this out-of-the-way location as the site of the regional energy rate hike hearing made me wonder whether they expected much of a turnout. And why should they? After all, some of the preceding rate hike hearings hadn’t garnered that much public interest. To make matters worse, a major storm was rolling through the day of the hearing that put many of North Carolina’s counties under various severe weather watches and warnings.

I don’t think anyone expected...

Democracy Summer 2013

We're hiring! With the General Assembly being distracted from jobs by breast bills, attempts to fire oversight personnel, and attacks on voting rights and education, those might not be words you hear too often in NC these days. But Democracy North Carolina is hiring undergraduate student summer interns, who are interested in non-partisan organizing, to join the team for the summer.

Interns earn a $2,500 stipend, while they build relationships and receive training that will help them start a career in social and political change. Now in its 14th year, Democracy Summer is ideal for college students interested in working in social and economic justice, community-based advocacy, research, politics, law, nonprofits, or public service.

Ever wondered what an organizer does?

You’re not alone. Growing up, none of the adults in my life were organizers. In college, no one majors in “organizing.” I sometimes still struggle myself to explain to relatives at Thanksgiving or friends over coffee what I do for a living as “Eastern NC Organizer.” And yet organizing is an incredibly important part of building grassroots power in our democracy. My hope is that through contributions to this blog I can share glimpses into the world of organizing and the issues facing Democracy North Carolina and our state. I’ll start by sharing about my past few days on the job!

Though I've been blogging on Blue NC for years, this was my first go at blogging on the job. I hope you'll click over to see the rest, give it a read, and leave a comment if you like what you see!

Voting tips and guidelines from Democracy NC

Via the Winston-Salem Journal via Progressive Pulse

Here’s a list of 20 tips that we’ve verified with the State Board of Elections:

You may wear a button, hat or shirt with a candidate’s name as you quietly vote, but you may not actively draw attention to your choices.

You may take a list of your choices into the polling place to help you remember, but do not show it to others or leave it behind. Put the list on paper, not a cell phone. Cell phones can be cameras, so their use is prohibited inside the polls.

You may vote for any candidate of your choice, regardless of your political party affiliation.


Mr. Pope goes to ...

Action opportunity from Democracy NC

Via email

You know how destructive big-money special interests have become to our political process. When individuals and corporations can spend millions to elect the candidates of their choice, it's like a bullhorn drowning out the voice of the rest of us. You know that's not how it should be, and that's why you keep speaking up and fighting back.

Many organizations, including Democracy North Carolina, have been helping educate the public about political "puppet masters" like Art Pope, CEO of Roses and Maxway and the largest political donor in North Carolina.

Early voting sites now online

Early voting does not start for over a month (Oct. 18), but you can see the sites for NC at the Board of Elections site now.

This is info from Democracy NC as posted by NC Policy Watch:

You can visit the Board at or go directly to to view the sites. You can also view them on a map by going to

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