Democratic National Convention

'20 Badass Quotes From the Women of the DNC'

While the seemingly endless stream of vague political platitudes may have run together like the Ann Coulter's boringly horrible tweets, the women of the Democratic National Convention broke through with poignant, and piercing zingers. Here are 20 of the most byte-worthy moments...

Among my favorites frome the DNC are those from Sandra Fluke and Elizabeth Warren and the one from the Nuns on the Bus, Sister Simone Campball. Read all 20 here.

Keep in mind, more women vote than men. They just are underrepresented among elected officials at the state and national levels.

DNC final day photoblog

I spent the big day at the NC delegation breakfast, the NC LGBT Dems press conference, the national LGBT Democratic Caucus meeting, and of course helping nominate President Obama.

DNC Wednesday photoblog

Today was the first time I've seen a President in person, and to see 2 at once, what a thrill! I saw candidate Obama campaign in NC last time around, and I'm glad as President he's spending a lot of time in our swing state again. North Carolina was proud to help nominate Barack Obama!

DNC Tuesday photoblog

North Carolina was represented in full force today! Whether at the national LGBT Caucus meeting by Rep. Brandon, and Senate candidate Deb Butler, or by Mayor Foxx or Governor Perdue. And of course there were many other great speakers, more than I can list, including FLOTUS Michelle Obama, but you can click through to see shots of many of them!

DNC Monday photoblog

It's day two of the convention related festivities, and I made it out a few NC delegation events, the youth caucus meeting, the CarolinaFest street festival, and the LGBT Victory Fund party. Here's a little of what I saw.

DNC Sunday photoblog

I wish had time to type up a good description and label every photo, but there is so much to do, and so little time! This is mostly from the convention hotel, the NASCAR Hall of Fame Welcome Reception, and the LGBT Unity Party. Enjoy! (Warning: it may take a minute to load)

Marriage News Watch

It looks like some big news relating to marriage equality could come out next month based on what cases SCOTUS decides to take and what decisions they let stand. Check out this weeks Marriage News Watch for the details. Meanwhile the RNC is busy adding bigotry into their platform as the DNC adds marriage equality to theirs in Charlotte next week.

My thoughts on being a delegate

As a delegate, I'm pretty excited about the national Democratic Party adding marriage equality to their platform in Charlotte at the convention. I have some more thoughts on that below, but I also wanted to share this article: "Davidson College Becomes First Campus To Suspend Chick-fil-A."

Marriage News Watch

Those of you who were active Blue NC readers during the amendment fight will remember this weekly video segment. I haven't shared them as often recently, but the focus is back on North Carolina with the possibility of marriage equality being added to the national Democratic Party platform in Charlotte during the convention.

YDNC Members & Youth Join North Carolina's Delegation to the Democratic National Convention

On Saturday May 19 at congressional district conventions across North Carolina, 20 YDNC members and youth (under 36) were elected as North Carolina delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. These 20 delegates include College Democrats of North Carolina Vice President Keylin Rivera (UNC Greensboro & Gaston County), North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats President Vibhav Kollu (Cabarrus County), LGBT Democrats President Ryan Butler (Guilford County), YDNC District Chairs Justin Conley (Macon County) and Nick Carpenter (Cleveland County), Buncombe YD President Parker Sloan, and YDNC President Sam Spencer (Mecklenburg County).

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