PPP poll on US Senate Election 2016

In the Senate race Richard Burr continues to have his requisite mediocre approval numbers with only 29% of voters giving him good marks to 39% who disapprove. Deborah Ross is now polling within 4 points of Burr, 43/39, following the announcement of her candidacy.

Burr has [slightly] wider leads over the other Democrats in the field- it's 44/35 over Kevin Griffin and 45/34 over Chris Rey. None of the Democratic candidates have greater than 27% name recognition at this point...

Elizabeth Warren Rising

It’s Elizabeth Warren’s party now! How to remake it in the liberal heroine’s image

Some see the recognition of Warren as sop to the left, to keep it pacified for next two years. Centrists still reign. Reasonable men.

The media assault on Obama ignored, scorned

Here is a great article by Tom Hartmann pointing out that the GOP strategy was to make Obama THE ISSUE, and it worked thanks to Democrat leaders and others who did not counter and point out the billions spent since 2008 on that single effort with the media. It is clear that the down ballot Teabillies and echo-chamber media on the right did get the word. This was one massive unforced error over six years on part of Democratic Party.

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