David Walker and our Economic Meltdown

David Walker is not a politician. He was hired by Bill Clinton during his presidency to head the GAO. His official title was: Comptroller General of the United States and head of the GAO. He was not an elected official and was hired for 15 years regardless of which president or political party was in office.

Walker has been preaching of impending fiscal doom for some time now, unless there is immediate action. It is his premise that there is not enough money to pay future retirees their full Social Security and Medicare benifits and in fact, unless something is done immediately, our country may not survive.

A commenter to my last diary: "Social Security and Medicare Crisis" asked the following question:

"TKH, as a Democrat, why do you believe the Walkers of the world, but not the Kuttners?"

Below the fold is my response.

Lawson for Congress Wants You to View IOUSA. So They Are Paying for the Ticket!

Please join us as we watch and critique this important documentary. While we may agree on the challenges, and disagree on the proposed solutions, our future depends on beginning a substantial conversation. Join others who are tired of learning about McCain's $500 shoes and Obama's lapel pins. There are more important issues facing our future.

There will be a live discussion among Warren Buffet, Pete Peterson, and David Walker following the viewing of the film. This one night event will be shown LIVE at 8:00pm ET. Lawson for Congress has sponsored an entire theater for the national premier, and welcomes you to join us completely free of charge.

Why do you keep taking baths?

There's a strong tradition of spiritual revival in the deep South as well as many parts of the U.S. that have suffered the apathy that comes from hard times. An economic depression can be spiritually depressing as well, rendering the best in all of us effectively 'asleep at the wheel' and off course. The promise of HOPE is not some new political buzzword engineered in a focus group for the 2008 elections. Hope is what I learned from my parents, teachers, co-workers, community and growing up in church. Hope is what I now teach my own children, and the very promise of America. Hope is why no matter how we may stray, we all come home to the big tent in the end.

A famous story passed down through the generations of traveling ministries that would often set up their Revival Tents in some of the most economically depressed areas of the deep South goes something like this:

A minister was asked, "Why do you keep having revivals when it doesn't last?"

The minister replied, "Why do you keep taking baths?"

Hope is nourishment for the starved soul.

How to end the recession: Labor and Renewable energy: (Blogumentary Part 4)

In parts 1-3 of this 'blogumentary' we covered the amount of renewable energy just waiting for us to tap, how local governments and people are getting involved, and how we need the federal government to change the laws to support renewable energy. (and a good bit of information from Dcoronata on Geothermal energy.
Now for the bread and butter issue: jobs. With the economic forecast showing a continued housing slump and general signs of a recession, a decade long approach of offshoring jobs, bad unemployment numbers, and no real growth in any job sector except service jobs, there seems to be a lot wrong with our country's economic health. Fortunately, there is a solution for these problems, the emergence of green collar jobs.



Have we given up because everyone in North Carolina perceives their policies to be so similar? Or do we believe the candidates for state government's claims that they can fix the problem?

"It's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or ANTI-IMMIGRANT SENTIMENT or anti-trade sentiment AS A WAY TO EXPLAIN THEIR FRUSTRATIONS."

Barack Battles Back on "Bitter" Barrage (with video)

Here's Obama’s magnificent response to Clinton and McCain attacking him on his "people are bitter" comment:

Economic Abyss

There is an 800 pound gorilla in our economic room and everyone acts like he doesn't exist. Everyone is worried about a recession, but that is just a bump in the road compared to the real problem with our economy. There is a much worse problem in our near future. Bush’s "shop till you drop" policy and the republicans lackadaisical attitude about borrowing money from our grandkids and foreign countries has exacerbated a problem that has been festering since the 1950's. Our country is now in grave peril. Plainly stated: we as a nation, are going bankrupt. We are spiraling downward to become a 3rd world country within the next 40 years and our politicians are to scared to talk about it.

Thousand Dollar Hot Dogs

Often people who I talk to about my campaign are surprised I still work at my job as a teacher. When I tell them that it isn't really a choice, that I'm not wealthy and I have to work to support my family they seem genuinely shocked that someone is running for Congress who can't 'just take a year off'. There are others here in my district who understand exactly what I'm talking about and are getting involved in politics, sometimes for the first time, because they know that we can't leave the business of Washington only to people who can afford to take time off and run 'full-time'. Here in North Carolina's 8th District, we've been represented for 10 years by the 6th wealthiest Member of Congress and this is where we find ourselves:

There's a reason a new poll shows that Voters in NC focus on economy.

June Nance, a 50-year-old unemployed educator from Scotland County, said she is learning to live without health insurance, exercising regularly and eating healthy.

"Thank God, I'm fairly healthy," Nance said. "I pray daily that nothing serious happens to me.

June is not alone.

Jim Neal on How to Lower Oil Prices NOW

[crossposted on Daily Kos and my campaign blog]

It’s critical to understand the reasons for our skyrocketing oil prices if we want to lead our country away from protracted conflicts in the Middle East and towards energy independence.

The United States is the world’s largest consumer of oil, using about 20 million barrels per day. Petroleum is not traded in a free market. If the oil market were truly free, it’s unlikely we’d be paying over $100 a barrel. Oil prices are in fact highly manipulated by people who claim to be proponents of free market capitalism and cartels that are interested in anything but a free market. But our government has the power to manipulate oil prices as well. It could bring down the price of oil, if it so chooses, by opening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Tapping this cache of over a half a billion barrels of oil would have a dramatic and immediate impact on oil prices.

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