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Council of State and Judges 5 county tour of Eastern North Carolina , Saturday , Oct.27th, 2012

The Council of State candidates and statewide candidates of judicial races will be touring 5 counties in the east on Saturday, Oct 27th. Details below.

Council of State and Judges 5 county tour of Eastern North Carolina , Saturday , Oct.27th, 2012

Oct 27 2012 8:30 am
Oct 27 2012 7:30 pm

The Council of State candidates and statewide candidates of judicial races will be touring 5 counties in the east on Saturday, Oct 27th.

Those participating include:
Elaine Marshall
June Atkinson
Wayne Goodwin
Beth Wood
John Brooks
Walter Smith
Linda Coleman (partial day)
Linda McGee
Wanda Bryant
Cressie Thigpen
Jimmy Ervin
as well as local elected officials/candidates

Congressman Bob Etheridge will be speaking on behalf of President Obama

Times and stops.

Wayne County - Goldsboro - 8.30 till 10 am. Wilber's BBQ, 4172 US 70

Lenoir County - Kinston - 10.30 am till 12 noon Woodmen Community Center, 2602 W. Vernon Ave

Pitt County - Greenville- 12.45 pm till 2.15 pm JH Rose High School, 600 West Arlington Blvd

Craven County- New Bern - 3.15 pm till 4.45 pm Craven County Democratic Headquarters,1910 Martin Luther King Blvd.

Carteret County - Morehead City - 5.30 pm till 7.30 pm Shevans Park , 1501 Evans street.

Groundswell of Support for David Parker

The News & Observer reports a groundswell of support for keeping David Parker as Chair of the NCDP. The N&O report is timely for we can see from the Bluenc online poll that support for Parker’s three announced opponents (Baldwin, Eaton and Vaughan) is tepid at best.

Leading the charge for the retention of David Parker, Bill Franklin is a retired Colonel in the US Army and a longstanding member of the Alamance Democratic Executive Committee and the State Executive Committee (SEC).

In an email blast to the SEC, Franklin argued that concerted efforts to remove Parker amount to an orchestrated plot to sabotage Parker’s reforms at the NCDP that empowered the grassroots.

In his now classic missive, Franklin identified Elaine Marshall as the ringleader of the hostile takeover of the NCDP.

Letter to SEC Dem Sent 5/5/12

Just posted this to entire SEC two hours ago. By tomorrow, it will be a real storm. But, there was no information coming from anywhere, a complete vacuum. Hopefully this stimulates some inter-SEC dialogue before Saturday.

To SEC Members:

A Foolish Rush to Judgment about David Parker!

I have watched as the farce played out since last year, about the crucifixion of David Parker by people who appear incompetent or asleep including some high elected Democratic officials. I am a Democrat and NCDP SEC member vitally concerned for our Party.

Former lobbyist rules in favor of former lobbyist

Don Beason's fine is reduced, again:

Judge Paul Ridgeway ruled Beason doesn't have to pay the $30,000 fine Secretary of State Elaine Marshall imposed last year. The judge found parts of North Carolina's lobbying reform law enacted in 2007 were ambiguous and that the secretary of state had overstepped her authority in issuing the fines.

I know it might be difficult to find a sitting judge who wasn't also a lobbyist to rule on lobbying issues. But if we want to have a legal ruling that's free of any potential conflicts of interest, we should damned sure look around for one.

I'm in – I'm running for re-election!

Two years ago, I made a decision to run for United States Senate because I believed that we, as a country, need to focus less on powerful special interests and more on middle class families and small business owners. While we came up just short in our fight last year, those very same issues that inspired me to run then still exist now.

That's why I'm proud to announce today that I have decided to run for re-election as North Carolina's Secretary of State!

Whatever happened to the Agrarian Activist?

So, what did the Farm Team do this election cycle, and what did we learn?

Early last summer, I didn't know what the Farm Team should do this year. The one serious under-30 candidate - who will claim my title as the youngest elected Democrat in North Carolina when she's sworn in - wasn't going to have any trouble winning her election. Candidates like Marcus Brandon won their race when they won their primary. I think young politicians knew this wasn't going to be a good year for Democrats. I planted $150 of seed money in a couple State House races (where the candidates had helped young Democrats), but without young candidates we really didn't have a fundraising angle.

Elaine Marshall at UNC tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

This is a bit last minute, but I wanted to remind everyone that Elaine Marshall will be on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus tomorrow evening, speaking about her campaign.

Here's the Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=125040134219282

It is in Gardener 105 starting at 7:45PM, so come out and show Elaine some lovin!

Parking on campus is free after 5PM in most lots, just make sure to read the signs...

New Senate polls

2 polls came out today. One I don't count really because it is a Civitas poll (shows Burr up by 10) and now WRAL has a new poll out with Burr up by 15. I keep getting emails from the Marshall team about fundraising to add to her tv but I have not seen an ad in a week. Have I just missed them or is she really not on the air?



This weekend the Elaine Marshall for Senate campaign picked-up the endorsements of four more newspapers: The Charlotte Observer, The Wilmington Star-News, The Elizabeth City Daily Advance, and The Southern Pines Pilot.

With the endorsements of both the Charlotte Observer and the Raleigh-based News & Observer (both owned by McClatchy newspapers), Marshall has received the endorsement of the state’s two largest newspapers.

The endorsements made this past week increase momentum for the Marshall campaign. Recent polls show the race tightening as the campaign enters the final week.

The News & Observer's editors wrote:

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