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Welcome Jennifer Roberts

Those of us living in North Carolina's Ninth Congressional District are lucky to have former diplomat and Chair of Mecklenburg's Board of County Commissioners and current member of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, Jennifer Roberts, running to represent us in Congress. At BlueNC and Democratic Muse we are lucky to have her as our guest for a live blog Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m.

While questions may be posted below, the official event will be at BlueNC. Please join in and follow along at BlueNC tomorrow evening.

About Jennifer

​Jennifer was born and raised in Charlotte and graduated from East Mecklenburg High School. She attended UNC on the prestigious Morehead Scholarship and holds masters degrees in International Affairs from both John's Hopkins and the University of Toronto.

Long list of Dems line up for Mecklenburg At-Large County Commission

A long list of Democrats have lined up to run as at-large candidates on the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners. A few of the names are familiar, but most are newcomers to Mecklenburg County politics as candidates.

The following is a rundown of the candidates listed in the order in which they responded to my question on Amendment One. The only exception to this order is Pat Cotham. For many reasons, Pat is the one candidate I am choosing to endorse. I recommend close attention to all of the candidates near the top of the list, however, this is one of the most qualified slate of candidates I've seen in a long time and it is a shame we don't have more seats open.

Religious freedom is not the only freedom

Author's note: Thank you to Pam Spaulding from Pam's House Blend for helping spread the word about the LTE campaign tool. Cross-posted from Democratic Muse.

At no time in history has denying basic freedoms stood on the side of what is right and just. Amendment One will potentially deny loving and committed unmarried couples the freedom to protect their families through healthcare benefits, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. There are very few freedoms more basic than protecting those you love.

Brad Miller for NC Governor - Announcement Soon!

Bob Geary of Indyweek.com reports that we should expect to hear from Brad Miller soon about wheter or not he will enter the race for NC Governor. You can read about it here.

The article quotes Miller:

"I've gotten a lot of encouragement that I haven't solicited," he says. "I'm thinking very hard about it. I know I need to make a decision very quickly."

Poll results and new narrowed polls for Gov. and Lt. Gov.

Poll results are in and the field is narrowed down for the races for Governor and Lt. Governor in North Carolina. While every name isn't included on the list, I included as many as I could and results were still fairly decisive.

Poll for Lt. Governor

Poll for Governor

Electable NC Democratic women: An embarrassment of riches

You know that feeling. The one you get when you go to thank a list of people and just know you're going to leave someone important out. I got that feeling yesterday in the mad rush to promote candidates to run for Governor.  We only have a few weeks before filing begins so the race was on to recruit candidates, promote facebook pages and buy up urls. In the rush I forgot some very important people - women.

Someone threw out Janet Cowell's name and I think Elaine Marshall's name came up, so the rest of you are off the hook. For me, there is absolutely no excuse. I'm the daughter of a female politician for heaven's sake! Today, please allow me to right my wrong. The Democratic Party of North Carolina has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to strong women prepared and qualified to serve this state and its people.

Congressman Brad Miller will not seek reelection

Brad Miller:

"My only two options are to run in a primary with David Price or not to run," Miller said. "I have talked to a lot of friends who have supported David and me. Some would support David. And some would support me. But none of them want to see a primary between us."

What is the customary period of mourning for this? Anyone know?

Go Newt?

Public Policy Polling says the smart black guy trumps the serial adulterer in the Old North State. Who'd a thunkit?

You can add North Carolina to the list of states where the Newt surge is good news for Barack Obama's reelection prospects. He leads Gingrich by a 47-43 margin there.

Comparison of 8th District GOP field

Rebublicans are lining up to challenge Congressman Larry Kissell in the newly redrawn 8th Congressional District.  Despite his conservative leanings, the gerrymandered districts drawn by the Republican legislature will make it more difficult for Kissell to win reelection. 

The following is a cursory glance at the candidates who have declared their intentions  to run in North Carolina's 8th District.  Stu Rothenberg has said it would take a miracle for Kissell to win.  So folks....which one do you want in Washington in his place?

Richard Hudson

Herman Cain's chief of staff smokes & blows in online ad

The Cain campaign has a new ad out that more than likely is meant to target white, working class voters.  Cain's chief of staff, Mark Block is at his working stiff best in this close up video which shows him smoking a lit cigarette and exhaling the smoke.  It is as if he's saying, "I'm white and I'm running the show.  Don't mind the black guy smiling at the end of this ad."

Of course, all working class voters are not racists...or smokers.  I live in a very rural, fairly white county in the south and I'm a realist.

h/t Garance Franke-Ruta at The Atlantic

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