Greasing the skids for fracking

North Carolina continues its headlong pursuit of fracking, accelerating the development of the rules that the NCGA requires to be in place before drilling starts.

The state commission that’s creating safety standards for fracking raced through 48 rules Wednesday under a legislative deadline to prepare North Carolina for shale gas exploration by next spring.

The Energy & Mining commission, charged with developing the rules, is stacked with industry pro-fracking members and it's pretty clear that the intent is just to get some rules in place that the industry will accept so that we can get on with poisoning the environment.

Their most recent meeting made that abundantly clear:

Fracking causes earthquakes (DUH!)

There's ample evidence that fracking causes earthquakes. It's well known, it's logical, it's demonstrated and reasonable people can easily see how it happens.

So recently it's big news that Ohio geologists have linked fracking to earthquakes that occurred there.

While earlier studies had linked earthquakes in the same region to deep-injection wells used for disposal of fracking wastewater, this marks the first time tremors have been tied directly to fracking

Friday fracking video

Very brief, yet surprisingly fulfilling. For those with more appetite for knowledge:

Cautionary tales from fracked communities in Charlotte this evening

Knowledge is power, people:

The Cautionary Tales of Fracked Communities is a nationwide tour that is coming to North Carolina to help you in your fight. During the panel you will hear from those who are living with gas development everyday, and more importantly they will talk about how they are fighting back.

Speakers will include Karen Freudian, a grassroots activist from Kutztown Pa who has successfully helped fight against gas development in her community, with a major victory this past year by getting the PA Democratic party to add a Fracking Moratorium to their party platform. Also speaking will be Jill Wiener- Small business owner turned activist from New York who has been leading the charge to keep fracking out of New York. We will also be hearing from Robert Nehman a father from Iowa whose life was turned upside down after frac sand mining came to his town.

Where and when: UU Church of Charlotte 234 N Sharon Amity Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211
Starting at 6:30

Moratorium on Fracking

It is time to call for a moratorium on fracking in North Carolina.

Currently, we can expect permits for fracking to begin to be issued in March of 2015. This came out of legislation in the last session of the General Assembly, over the objection of many environmentalists.

But now the environmentalists have a more immediate example of regulations gone awry in Duke Energy’s coal ash ponds and their many leaks into our waterways and rivers. No one know how long it will take to actually remove the contaminants from waters and stream beds, or if that can be done. No one really knows if these spills will seep into our ground waters and acquifers. We do know that poor regulations, and specific legislation to limit those regulations, allowed this to happen.

Fracking, DENR and the pits

In an editorial published in the Raleigh News & Observer, Charles Ritter warns that DENR's lack of oversight could have consequences even worse than the coal ash disaster once the frackers get their turn to destroy our environment.

Fracking pits are even more dangerous than coal ash pits because:

  • Fracking fluid is more liquid than coal ash slurry and flows more easily downhill into reservoirs like Jordan Lake and the rivers that feed it.
  • The toxins and carcinogens in fracking fluid will not be disclosed per draft DENR rules, making it more difficult for emergency medical personnel to immediately treat those who are exposed.
  • The number of fracking pits in N.C. near each fracking well could easily be hundreds of times the number of coal ash pits.

Friday fracking video

Hopefully you'll be seeing this on the telly very soon:

Kinda short, so here's a bonus video:

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