Francis Deluca

Farewell to Francis

I just got an email from the fearless leader of the North Carolina chapter of Americans for Prosperity. Francis Deluca, who has accomplished next to nothing that I can see, has decided to go find "another challenge." Maybe he's looking for something a little easier than the selling of Puppetshow lies and snake-oil.


It has been a great experience to head up AFPNC - but the time has come for me to find another challenge. my last day as State Director will be August 3, 2007.

I feel good about what we have accomplished and I am especially proud of the people and chapters we have added that will put AFPNC in an even better position to positively influence policy and policy debates in the future. I also feel good that Dallas Woodhouse and Chris Farr will continue to grow AFPNC and help activists become a positive influence pursuing the conservative agenda and in improving government at all levels.

"Improving government at all levels????" Holy hypocrisy, Francis, you've got to be kidding. The so-called "conservative agenda" has one mission and mission only: to crush government by cutting off the tax revenues that fund it.

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