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Koch Brothers on campus: HBCUs in the cross-hairs


These aren't the opportunities you're looking for, move along:

The concept for the efforts the Koch gift will fund is in place, but many of the details have yet to be established. Broadly, the $25.6 million will go toward original research, creating three campus research centers and funding research efforts. It will also go toward scholarships and fellowships for students in education, sociology, economics and criminal justice. It will also support on-campus programming, funding speakers like educators and entrepreneurs. And it will pay for research and polling, helping Gallup create an opportunity index and survey fragile communities, which are defined as those where residents face barriers to economic advancement and which exhibit high crime rates, low-quality education options and limited mobility.

Attempts by the Koch Brothers to infiltrate universities and expand their free-market ideology has been spotty at best. Where they have succeeded, these entities have been under harsh scrutiny by faculty groups (rightly) concerned about interference and the reputation of the school itself. But Historically Black Colleges and Universities have been (for the most part) also historically underfunded, which presents a prime opportunity for the oil-drenched billionaires to poke their noses in. But not everybody is gung-ho for this "partnership" to proceed:

Western Carolina just can't say no to the Koch Brothers

The Beatles were wrong, money can buy you love:

Western Carolina University’s chancellor has endorsed a proposal for a new center funded, in part, with money from the Charles Koch Foundation.

The new Center for the Study of Free Enterprise would be funded with $2 million from the Charles Koch Foundation. The total budget would be $3.4 million. The proposal for the center came from Edward Lopez, Western Carolina’s BB&T Distinguished Professor of Capitalism.

Republican cuts to higher education spending *and* their recent closure of several perceived left-wing centers is making even more sense now, isn't it? It's part of a well-choreographed dance to indoctrinate the tens of thousands of UNC System graduates every year into voters more amenable (susceptible) to Free Market talking points. Stalin would be impressed. As far as that "Professor of Capitalism," that is another very similar story of corporate influence over higher education:

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