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War slick

This morning's news is filled with alarm about the collapse of Iraq, with pundits of every stripe debating the merits of the US choosing this or that tactical response. Everyone has an opinion, especially those who see profit in neverending war. And what is the reason for so much angst? It's the same as it ever was: our insatiable oil habit.

DAG McCrony hires an advisor

DAG McCrony is clueless, but apparently someone told him that his approval rating is continuously dropping and more people realize he's a clown.

So he decided to hire a political advisor.

But he can't even do that right. That must have been SOME conversation:

[DAG McCrony and his senior aides discuss hiring a political advisor]
"We need someone who's good at turning around negative images".

"I know -- how about Jon Felts? He worked for George W. Bush *AND* for the American Banking Association. Bush and bankers had their share of troubles, but everybody LOVES them now!".

"Great idea. BONUS: He worked for Karl Rove and Danny Quayle too! And everybody LOVES them!"

"Give Felts a call. We'll pay anything. The state has plenty of money and that 'reducing the size of government' stuff is just rhetoric".

Senate voted on Bush Tax Cut extension today

The Senate voted 51-48 today to extend some of the Bush tax cuts, affecting 98 percent of all American taxpayers, for another year. The extended tax cuts would affect citizens making up to $250,000 a year, with the Senate not voting to extend cuts for the 2 percent of Americans making over that amount.

Some good news from However, to put into context, the vote was (as described in article at a "purely symbolic vote." A competing GOP bill is expected to be voted on in the US House of Representatives next week.

State department gives Blackwater $120 Million Contract

Blackwater has been THE mercenary outfit of choice by the Bush - Cheney Whitehouse to conduct operations in the Global War on Terror.
Recently the Justice department and FBI discovered Blackwater had committed unjustified homicides or perhaps outright assassinations in conjunction with the CIA under Dick Cheney's orders.

Furthermore, Blackwater paid millions in bribes to local officials to remain silent after a bloody massacre of civilians in Iraq.
Now, Erik Prince is moving to United Arab Emirates, a country with no extradition policy with the U.S. coming on the heels of further investigations.

How to screw up a brand

There are plenty of the instances where the experience of businesses with branding can shed light on public policy and electoral politics. In a world where a carefully built reputation can be toppled with a flurry of mouse clicks, "brand" is the foundation of resilience.

Stimulus day - Obama in CO - and on budgets, dems do know best

Lately, Republicans are constantly telling me new theories about Barack Obama or the democrats, including how the dems were planning to "turn the country socialist." (even as our Republicans are calling for the Nationalization of our banks) Even worse, is the claim that Bill Clinton is to blame for the economy.

Bush vs. Obama - A Pictorial Review

The "Partial Birth Abortion" Ban Act of 2003

Bush: 8 Years in 8 Minutes

The Republican National Convention Electrified by Drama & Scandal

If the Republicans aimed to send out a strong campaign message during their convention about "McCain the Maverick," it’s not getting through. It isn’t Hurricane Gustav that's drowning out the convention message but the Alaskan pipeline of information on Sarah Palin.

The surprise Vice Presidential pick McCain announced just three days ago is generating headlines that read like a bad script from Desperate Housewives:

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