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Chinese Hackers hack into Government Computer during Government Shutdown

Just wanted to thank the GOP and their radical arm, the Tea Party for shutting down the Government and allowing Chinese hackers to hack into the Federal Election Commission websites and obtained critical information on campaign contributions and associated information. This was accomplished by the Chinese because the GOP/Tea Party shut down the Government and the federal employees that managed the Federal Elections Commission website were sent home on Furlough. Remember folks, Jason Thigpen supported the Government shut down.

So now after costing the taxpayers $29B and the loss of crucial and very valuable information to the Chinese, and who knows what else, I have only one question for the GOP/Tea Party. Was it worth it?

Meet North Carolina's newest Democrat: Jason Thigpen

There are no moderates left in the Republican House Caucus. The "best" you'll get is a mainstream conservative willing to stand up to Tea Party extremism from time to time-- or a libertarian who may be good on an important issue or two but is still, essentially, a raving lunatic on everything else. Walter Jones (R-NC) is kind of a mix of the two. He is a basic mainstream conservative with some libertarian tendencies. He also has voted for progressive bills in the House more frequently than any other Republican this year-- and more frequently than 9 right-wing Democrats-- John Barrow (GA), Jim Matheson (UT), Ron Barber (AZ), Mike McIntyre (NC), Sean Patrick Maloney (NY), Pete Gallego (TX), Bill Owens (NY), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Carolyn McCarthy (NY). Until last week, Jones had attracted one Democrat, Marshall Adame, and 4 Republican primary challengers, Tea Party lunatic Scott Dacey, right-wing GOP Establishment operative Taylor Griffin, Michael Malagasi and Jason Thigpen.

DAG McCrory lies to Congressmen, gets caught

How can you tell when the DAG is lying? His mouth is moving:

"Your assertion that you did not discontinue the operation of the TANF program is simply not credible,'' the congressmen wrote. ""Your administration did not merely 'notify’ the service providers that federal funding for Work First programs may not be available in November.'' The notice that your administration sent to county social services directors on October 10th expressly directed them to cease processing new applications for benefits ‘until federal funds become available.’ In addition, the notice state unequivocally that the state would be 'unable to make any Work First Family Assistance payments in November 2013' absent congressional action.''

The GOP twisters have made a loud and misguided argument that Dems (via the Obama administration) used the shutdown fiasco to punish people by closing parks and memorials and such, but not a word about how McCrory and Wos used the shutdown to punish people struggling to survive. People who couldn't afford to hop in a car (or a plane) to go visit a park, even if they wanted to. Apparently these folks aren't deserving of the Tea Party's concern, which says more about them than the groups they look down their nose upon.

Was Meadows' role in the shutdown patsy or patriarch?

Odds are it's the former:

In recent days, Meadows has played down his role in the shutdown drama, saying that it was inflated by the media. The congressman declined to comment for this article but told an Asheville newspaper that stories of Americans hurt by the shutdown tore “at his heart.” Local political observers also suggested that Meadows may have been more frontman than mastermind.

“I find it hard to believe that he’s the architect,” said Chris Cooper, a political scientist at Western Carolina. “But he’s a likely candidate for the shutdown caucus to put out there.”

He was a likely candidate alright, but not for his fellow Congressmen. Meadows was a willing and happy puppet for Heritage Action and the Club for Growth:

NC's hapless GOP Congressional delegation

Striving to achieve extremist status:

U.S. Reps. Renee Ellmers and Robert Pittenger, both Republicans, predicted the current political and fiscal mess and tried to tell their constituents that defunding the health care law by halting government operations was a bad idea. But then they voted for the shutdown anyway, facing intense pressure from conservative groups.

During a town hall meeting at Queens University in Charlotte during the August recess, Pittenger sought to warn the public of the risks of trying to defund the health care act by tying it to a spending bill. He said he’d vote against it, triggering an intense backlash. Video of the exchange was posted online by a tea party group. Pittenger eventually voted for the measure.

In both cases, it appears the freshman Republicans put their own political careers ahead of the people they were elected to represent. With Pittenger it was fear of the Tea Party nut-jobs, and with Ellmers it was fear of a well-financed primary challenger:

Tea Party ignorance on parade

Wanting both an open and closed government:

At a field off the parkway near the inn Saturday, a group of about 30 people held a rally to protest the closing of national park facilities. Jane Bilello, chair of the Asheville Tea Party, blamed “the tyranny of this federal government.”

“They are inflicting pain,” she said. “Veterans cannot even visit their memorials. They cannot go into their cemeteries. People are saying enough is enough.”

But Bilello said she doesn’t want the Republican-controlled House to agree to end the government shutdown without conditions such as defunding the new health care law.

I'm surprised her head doesn't just explode from the contradictory synapses (mis)firing up there. Then again, if your delusions stretch this far, a simple contradiction won't even register on an EEG:

NC stands alone in cutting off WIC vouchers

Leading the nation in unnecessary cruelty:

North Carolina is the first, and only, state in the nation to stop issuing vouchers for formula and nutritional food for at-risk newborns, young children and expectant mothers as part of the federal government shutdown. The aberration was noted this week in publications like Governing, a national public policy magazine, which pointed out $125 million from a USDA emergency contingency plan kept the program up and running in the 49 other states.

In neighboring South Carolina, the WIC program is continuing to run through the end of the month with state officials using other funding to stop the gap in funding until federal money flows through to the program again.

I mentioned something along these lines a week ago on Facebook:

Where not to go on vacation

Which just goes to show, the term "fucking idiot" isn't always an overreaction.

Pittenger happy to gamble with the economic future of the country

Not unlike ransom demands from a kidnapper:

“We’ve really moved beyond Obamacare,” Pittenger said Monday. “This whole debate has really moved into the debt ceiling.”

He said he supports Republican efforts to push for spending cuts or changes in entitlement programs in exchange for supporting a higher debt ceiling.

Pittenger also said the shutdown could end if Senate Democrats agree to some changes involving the Affordable Care Act, including delaying the deadline for individuals to sign up.

"In exchange" for paying our bills on time? If Robert Pittenger tried to pull this stunt in one of his development deals, where he refused to pay contractors for work they had already done unless they promised to quote him less in the future, he would find himself in court before the next full moon with his assets tied up in a knot.

Ellmers uses lies and misdirection to cover her shutdown tracks

Whining about a bill she voted for:

"This was signed into law by President Obama and has been in effect since Monday, yet the president is refusing to enforce it. Therefore, these Fort Bragg furloughs should not be occurring," Ellmers, a Republican in the 2nd Congressional District, said in written statement.

"Here we have a situation where I have needless, needless suffering happening in my district," Ellmers said on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

The problem is, the bill you pushed is not a budget bill, it was merely an effort on your and your knuckleheaded colleagues' part to deflect political damage from your irresponsible behavior. The bill doesn't say "pay everyone", it directs the SecDef to pick and choose:

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