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Club For Growth grooms its next Congressional puppet

The less experienced, the better:

Budd, 44, owns part of a family farm near Advance as well as a firearms complex called ProShots in Rural Hall. But he has not held elective office and faces a bevy of current and former elected officials in the 17-candidate Republican primary set for June 7. Early voting begins May 26. Budd acknowledged that he would face a “learning curve” if elected, but he said he did not think his lack of prior experience in public office would hinder him.

The group’s ad campaign on Budd’s behalf sets him apart from other candidates in the crowded race, with the first such district-wide media effort of the primary. The 30-second ad spots depict Budd as a farmer, family man, “home schooler,” and small businessman who has “never run for office before.”

For those of you skeptical about his chances, remember these two factors: There will not be a runoff in the GOP Primary. Whoever gets the most votes, regardless of what percent of the total that is, will move forward to the General Election in November. And the 13th is gerrymandered to produce a Republican winner, no matter how bat-shit crazy he or his advisors are:

Amidst Budget crisis, GOP debates Constitutional Convention

Who needs moot court when you've got moot government:

A state House committee approved a bill under which North Carolina would join Alaska, Georgia, Mississippi and North Dakota in an effort to amend the U.S. Constitution to control the national debt. Rep. Chris Millis (R-Hampstead) is pushing House Bill 366, where 38 states would call for a Constitutional convention to put forward a balanced budget amendment. The bill is scheduled to go to the House Appropriations Committee next.

Millis says that a compact will be binding on the state unless a future General Assembly votes to remove North Carolina from it.

That last part is simply not true, proving Millis either hasn't read the whole document or is severely deficient in reading comprehension:

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