HB 465

Frankenstein Abortion Bill

HB 465, this year's abortion bill, is a Frankenstein Bill. It started out ugly and after some attempts to pretty it up it's still ugly as sin. It's hard to keep track and after the shenanigans of the Motorcycle Vagina bill a couple of years ago, we know it's not over til it's over.

In Chapter 1, On April Fool's Day, four Stepford wives in the NC House introduce a bill to (1) extend the mandatory waiting period to 72 hours, (2) ban any doctor who is not an Ob-GYN from performing abortions and (3) ban ECU and UNC from performing abortions or teaching abortion care. All under the guise of supporting a woman's right to choose and protect her health.

The ENCSIS Act - A proposal for NC Democrats

With all that's happened with HB 465, I think it's time for the Dems to take drastic action. They need to introduce their own bill.

The Every NC Sperm is Sacred Act would require prostrate and sperm count discussions and exams for all males over 18 and prohibit any state funding being used for condoms or vasectomies. In addition, the law would prohibit vasectomies only when the carrier of the sperm's life is in danger and that records concerning those vasectomies be catalogued at DHHS.

Unfortunate Changes to HB 465

Unfortunate changes were made this morning to HB 465. Other legislation proposed by Democrats, Sen Jeff Jackson amongst them, has been lumped into the Extend-Waiting-Period-For-An-Abortion bill, putting all Democrats at NCGA in the unfortunate position of potentially voting against good measures or voting for the 72 hour waiting period. Either of which could be used against them in the next election

The bill has also been given a new and wonderful name:

Women and Children's Protection Act of 2015.

Who would want to vote against that!

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