hydraulic fracturing

Fracking the classroom: drilling in the name of education

Drill here, drill now, and simply call it training:

Central Carolina Community College is expanding its course offerings, having recently opened a new health sciences building in Lillington and looking into new classes on operating machinery for hydraulic fracturing and other types of drilling.

About $250,000 of that total either has been or will be raised through grants, officials have said. They plan on raising the remaining half a million through donations from the private sector as well as the three county governments in the college's service area. And Kirk Bradley, the Sanford businessman who is leading the fundraising efforts for the Central Carolina Works program, said they're well on their way.

Which may shed some light on why Mike Stone had four CCCC Trustees removed from their positions earlier this year, a blatantly partisan move to cleanse the board of Democrats. Another well-known fracking cheerleader is knee-deep in this story:

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