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NC coast to become frack water dumping ground?

Spreading the goodness all around:

Now state lawmakers who want to turn North Carolina into the nation’s next fracking hotspot are reopening the case for injecting brines and toxins deep underground. This time, the proposal is shifting the fracking debate from the center of the state, where the energy exploration and economic benefits would occur, to tourism-dependent coastal communities where the disposal wells would have to be drilled.

Not only would these coastal communities be dealing with wastes that another region made money from, it's likely that frack water from other states would end up there, as the drilling companies are struggling to find outlets for the hundreds of millions of gallons they've already produced. And in this issue we do have some experience:

Weyerhaeuser gives Lee County residents the shaft

And keeps the gold gas for itself:

Lee County officials this month released detailed property data revealing who owns the mineral rights to extract natural gas or other buried resources. The data shows that the owners of 365 parcels, on about 12 square miles, do not own the rights to drill or mine under their land. Many of them are concentrated in the northwestern gas-rich section of the county.

Much of which the King of Deforestation leased to gas companies a few years ago, with (of course) no warning at all to the people living on the land. More from Reuters:

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