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South Carolina is not our competition

Today comes news that Forbes magazine has issued its list of America’s Fastest Growing Cities, and Raleigh-Durham has come in at number Four. That’s right, four. Forbes comments (with my emphasis):

Fourth on our list is the boomtown of Raleigh, N.C. Situated between Raleigh and nearby Durham is the Research Triangle Park, where more than 170 companies have outposts, including major corporations like EMC, Cisco and First Citizens National Bank. Raleigh is also home to a multitude of universities and colleges, helping create a highly educated population: Roughly 50% residents ages 25 and older have college degrees.

Budget Deal Reached

Among the details: Transfer tax included, top income tax rate cut included, sales tax hike made permanent and could go higher.

With the GOP in charge in the Senate, I guess this is the best we can expect...

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