Judge Lunsford Long

Disbarred attorney seeks reinstatement of law license

On March 4, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. in the Third Floor Courtroom of the North Carolina State Bar at 208 Fayetteville Street, disbarred attorney Betsy Wolfenden will argue that her disbarment order should be vacated due to the collective perjury and fraud of the State Bar's witnesses: Judge Joe Buckner, Judge Beverly Scarlett, Judge Lunsford Long, Attorney Donna Ambler Rice, Attorney Leigh Peek and Attorney Susan Lewis.

Judge Joe Buckner must be removed from the bench

In a January 18, 2011 Herald Sun editorial, the writer asks what should happen in the aftermath of the recent NC Court of Appeals opinion in Bohannan v. McManaway.

Serious allegations being made by a custody case lawyer against Orange County Chief District Court Judge Joe Buckner raise harrowing questions about whether just such a perversion of justice occurred. An opinion in an N.C. Court of Appeals ruling overturning Buckner's decision in a custody case grimly scolded that the judge's order contained "patently false" information and that Buckner's handling of the case was an "entire charade." At stake here is the court's integrity, the judge's reputation and a vastly diminished public trust. The ponderous question is what happens now?

North Carolina State Bar unsuccessfully attempts to gag Attorney Betsy Wolfenden

After Attorney Betsy Wolfenden testified at her State Bar deposition on 1/29/10 to the dysfunction and corruption in 15-B District Court, the State Bar filed a motion to seal the transcript from public view, which was denied.

Betsy Wolfenden's deposition transcript

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