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The other most important race in North Carolina: Robin Hudson for Supreme Court

Everyone who's paying attention knows that control of the US Senate rests with the election here in North Carolina. Moderate Kay Hagan has her hands full with extremist Thom Tillis, a race that is being covered to death by media around the world. The stakes couldn't be higher.

And yet they are. Because there's an equally important election for the North Carolina Supreme Court, where Justice Robin Hudson is up against the dark lord, Art Pope. Having already acquired the legislature and the governor's office, Mr. Pope would have absolute control over the future of North Carolina with a hand-picked NC Supreme Court.

The recent retirement of Chief Justice Sarah Parker has left Robin Hudson as the highest-ranking woman in the entire NC court system. In addition, she is the senior Democrat on the NC Supreme Court. With her seat, justice truly hangs in the balance.

There is only one way to combat the millions the right wing is pouring into our state. Word of mouth. And no matter how much money you have or don't have, you do have an email list and a voice you can use.

1. A personal note to your friends is a powerful and motivating force. Here's what I'm saying to mine:

Tillis in a tailspin

A number of polls show Speaker Tillis falling behind Senator Hagan. To turn things around, Tillis needs to climb a treacherous mountain. He needs to paint the Senator as a radical socialist who does nothing but support Obama's agenda. He needs to convince people that she's lazy, disengaged, and out-of-step with North Carolina values. That's not going to happen. None of that stuff is even remotely true, and people know it. The more Tillis beats the drum, the sillier he seems. He tried this approach in the first debate and came away looking like a schmuck.

This is exactly what happened in the State Supreme Court primary when Republican liars went after Robin Hudson with attack ads that didn't pass the smell test:

Coming Soon To An NC Interstate Near You?

Last night, FiveThirtyEight blog reported a marked shift in polling on the NC Senate contest between incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan and NC House Speaker Thom Tillis.

In North Carolina, a Rasmussen Reports poll found Democrat Kay Hagan ahead of Republican Thom Tillis 45 percent to 39 percent. Tillis had led in the previous Rasmussen survey by 5 percentage points. Another North Carolina poll released Thursday, by SurveyUSA, gave Hagan a 3-point lead (46 percent to 43 percent).

Combined, the two polls move Hagan from a "45 percent underdog to a 61 percent percent favorite." But there's not much analysis on why.

Let's speculate, shall we?

Toll Road Thom

In the upside-down world of today's Republican lunacy, forcing commuters to pay more at the toll booth is a free-market proposition that's hard to resist. The theory goes like this:

  • If you use the roads, you pay for the roads.
  • And you have to use the roads because communist transit planning is a no-no.
  • Which means you're screwed unless you have a lot of money or don't work.

That's the thinking behind the Thom Tillis toll-road fetish, with strong backing from Skip Stam and Bill Brawley, all of which has the appearance of a libertarian wet dream. Except for one thing. The "get government off our back crowd" at The Daily Haymaker is none too pleased. They like their roads just the way they are, supported by big government and taxes. I know, it sounds kinda weird. But it's also true. Read all about it.

Today's N&O editorial: An empty race for the U.S. Senate

From today's N&O editorial:

The race between Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan and her Republican challenger, House Speaker Thom Tillis, already stands as the most expensive Senate contest in North Carolina history. The big money reflects the high stakes: The outcome could determine which party controls the Senate and the effectiveness of President Obama in his last two years in office.

Yet for all the money and consequences involved, the race is proving remarkably empty of content. Tillis has relied on a carpet bombing of negative TV ads paid for by third parties and tying Hagan to “Obamacare.” Hagan, to a lesser extent, has relied on outside groups to hammer Tillis as anti-public education and out of touch with the priorities of women.

Threats galore

Debate spin

John Robinson said it well on Facebook:

Main event

Pop the cork: Another wasted Tillis commercial

You really have to wonder have many thousands of dollars went into the "Math" 7% commercial. No offense, all defense. Under the whiteboard reads "Parts of Speech". Perhaps a reference to what Tillis either leaves out and or lies about.

You are invited to Carteret County Young Dem's Summer Rally with Kay Hagan

August 7 is the day to head to Morehead City for the Carteret County Young Dems and 3rd Congressional District Summer Rally and Picnic in the Park featuring Senator Kay Hagan and a whole slate of elected officials and candidates. Enjoy music by the Last Chance Wrangler's Band, mingle with friends and rub elbows with North Carolina's political elite...just kidding here. Seriously, Morehead City is beautiful this time of year and this is a great way to end your summer.

You can see the Facebook event here. The rally and picnic are free, but you can always donate to the Carteret County Young Dems, NCDP 3rd Congressional District, Carteret County Democratic Party, or your favorite candidate as a show of appreciation.

From the event page:

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