Koch Brothers

Dallas Woodhouse's stealth Tillis US Senate campaign ad

Which is really not that stealthy:

The question you should be asking, Tim, is where did Dallas get the $1.5 million to run this commercial?

Kochs purchase Thom Tillis

The recent Patriot Majority advertisement says that Thom Tillis is like one of the family to the Koch brothers, and Thom's recent campaign finance reports bear that out.

Charles Koch, his wife, son and daughter-in-law each gave Tillis the maximum $2,600 contribution, according to his campaign finance report made public Wednesday. Tillis, the House speaker, reported the combined $10,400 in donations on June 26 and 27. Earlier this year, he reported a $5,000 donation from the Koch Industries PAC.

Of course, all that pales in comparison to the millions in dark money that the Kochs have already spent on Thom's behalf.

Halliburton and Koch Brothers fracture Mining and Energy Commission

Divide and conquer is the lobbyist's favorite activity:

At least three members of the 14-member board met privately with representatives of energy giant Halliburton and other companies that sell the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, according to interviews conducted by The Associated Press.

The commission initially proposed rules last year to require some limited disclosure of the chemicals. That proposal was pulled from board's May 2013 agenda at the last minute by commission chairman Jim Womack, who said he didn't feel the rules were ready. In an interview with AP, he acknowledged that before deciding to delay the vote, he spoke with a senior Halliburton executive. "They indicated to me in a phone conversation that there may be other options than what was written in that rule," Womack said.

It's called Ex Parte communications, where entities trying to influence a decision-making body meet with only part of said body, in an effort to sway that person's opinion in the absence of prying eyes and ears. And since they're not conducting this in a formal Commission setting, those pesky public records laws don't come into play, either. It also confirms that Jim Womack's ego is a lot bigger than his ethical foundation, another aspect lobbyists thrive on:

Senate seat for sale

When the supply of desirable items is limited, demand soars. With only a few US Senate seats available for purchase this year, outsiders are dumping truckloads of money into North Carolina. So far, the highest bidders are the Koch brothers.

[Karl Rove's $1.1 million pro-Tillis] American Crossroads ad follows $8.3 million spent on six ads against Hagan and the health care law, which she supported, by Americans for Prosperity, a group backed by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch. Koch Industries has headquarters in Kansas.

It's old news that Karl Rove and the Koch brothers have already launched an all-out attack on Kay Hagan in the form of television ads. But the amounts are staggering:

Koch Zero

As the Wall Street Journal reports, Democrats are beginning to shine some light on the Koch brothers dark world. That includes the Koch tentacles that reach into our state:

In North Carolina, Democrats think they have found a way to counter the Kochs at a chemical factory the company owns along the Cape Fear River, where, right before the holidays last year, 100 workers learned they would lose their jobs. Senator Kay Hagan, Democrat of North Carolina, who has been the target of millions of dollars in negative ads from Americans for Prosperity, said the job cuts were a cruel slap to her state, especially since they came right as the group started to spend significant sums attacking her.

Lawsuit challenging NC's voucher program continues today

Here's some background to bring you up to speed:

Koch brothers interfering in NC school voucher lawsuit

NC Policy Watch takes a look at the libertarian law firm funded by the Koch brothers that are representing some parents in court cases challenging NC's school voucher law.

The law firm was founded in 1991 by Clint Bolick and Chip Mellor. In the firm’s early days, Bolick was known for his work opposing affirmative action legislation, and acted as one of the top strategists endeavoring to hold up the passage of the 1991 Civil Rights bill.

And, according to the New York Times, he is one of the prime architects behind school voucher plans in Milwaukee and Cleveland, which have come under intense scrutiny for no better or worse academic outcomes for its students as compared with public schools and numerous incidents of fraud and abuse of the programs.

Koch Americans for Prosperity makes $1.4 million anti-Hagan ad buy

Politico has the scoop. The ad campaign includes television, radio, digital ads and "grassroots actions". (Funny - how can something be a "grassroots action" when it's funded by a couple of billionaires?

“We want to make sure Obamacare and all the pain it’s causing is the number one issue on everyone’s mind,” said AFP president Tim Phillips. “Kay Hagan is being held accountable for a law that is causing cancelled insurance plans, lost access to doctors and rising costs.”

Backed by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, this is just the latest onslaught of ads the group has launched in North Carolina. In 2013, AFP spent millions targeting Hagan and has already engaged in a major television ad buy in January.

Koch brothers raising funds this weekend

Politico gives a tip that the Koch brothers are holding a major fundraiser with the country's richest Republican donors in Palm Springs this weekend.

Will Art Pope show up?

Many of the right’s most generous benefactors – folks like Minnesota media mogul Stan Hubbard, Wall Street investor Ken Langone and Wyoming mutual fund guru Foster Friess – are regulars. The gatherings, which attendees call “seminars” and are typically held at tony resorts, routinely attract some of the top operatives and biggest names in Republican politics, as well as rising stars tapped by the Kochs’ operatives.

The last seminar, held in August outside Albuquerque, N.M., drew Rep. Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and Iowa state legislator Joni Ernst, who is running in a crowded GOP Senate primary.

Koch brothers play Henry Higgins for potential nutcase TeaBagger candidates

Mother Jones is reporting that the Koch brothers aren't just satisified with throwing money at candidates or supporting and coordinating with campaigns with ads run by groups like Americans for Prosperity.

Now, after sinking millions of dollars into loosing Tea Bagger candidates in the last election cycle, the Koch's have set up a consulting firm to operate a kind of "school" to groom Tea Bagger candidates for campaigning. They're hoping to prevent the next Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin from sticking their foot in their mouth up to their elbow.

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