Lack of transparency

Veil of secrecy surrounds Special Session bill

Another undemocratic pop-quiz for lawmakers to guess at:

Andy Munn, a spokesman for Moore, declined to provide a copy of the draft legislation and said it probably wouldn’t be made public until Wednesday – hours before it comes to a first vote. “There are still a few tweaks to be made to it,” he said. Munn wouldn’t provide details of the proposal under consideration.

House Minority Leader Larry Hall, a Durham Democrat, called on Moore to release the bill so legislators can consider what they’ll be voting on Wednesday. “We’re playing hide-and-seek democracy here,” Hall told The News & Observer Tuesday afternoon. “We don’t know what we’re discussing here, we don’t know what we’re voting on. What we’re doing is a perversion of the process.”

This observation might seem a little on the "obvious" side, but apparently the defining principles of our form of government need to be re-iterated: Citizens of a democracy expect their government to be "deliberative" in nature, which requires a frank discussion about prospective policies before a decision is arrived at by each individual, and a vote is taken. Efforts to conceal the elements of a new policy proposal and then force a quick vote are the behaviors of a tyrannical regime, not a legitimate representative government. And the Republicans that take part in this sham should be ashamed of themselves, and replaced by someone more worthy.

GOP puts tax reform back in the Budget

And crams it down the throats of Legislators who haven't seen it yet:

“With the tax reform package within the budget, the Special Provisions will run to over 500 pages,” McGrady wrote on Facebook Sunday.

Senate leaders announced Monday morning that they’ll hold the first vote on Tuesday – meaning rank-and-file senators will have only one day to read a complex spending bill that spans 500 pages.

Really? You've been given an additional 2 1/2 months to dick around compose the Budget, but you're only giving duly elected representatives of the people less than 24 hours to study it before casting their votes? Just on principle alone that deserves a whole bunch of "Nay" votes and a Veto, but I'm sure the long knives are coming partially out of their scabbards to force Republican puppets to stay on their strings. What a frickin' circus.

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