Lesbian mom wins on appeal

And it's the second time she's had to go through this:

After a more than three-year court battle, Angel Chandler can finally have her children legally stay in her home.

Earlier this week, Tennessee's Court of Appeals for a second time struck down a judge's ruling in a child custody agreement that prevented Chandler and Mary Counce, her partner of more than 10 years, from living together. Angel Chandler used to live in Gibson County, Tenn., but now shares a home with Counce in Black Mountain.

A Tennessee judge telling a NC couple they can't spend the night together? Which creates a new category, the "Hyper-Activist Judge". I expect Conservatives to line up behind me, and then we'll...hey! Where are you?

NC-Sen: Cunningham opposed hate crimes, LGBT non-discrimination legislation in 2000 questionnaire

Sigh. This report is sitting right out in the public domain, and in light of some really nasty (and now relevant) comments by a member of Cal Cunningham's team at the Blend yesterday in the Jim Neal endorsement thread, people need to see the truth.

Cal Cunningham on the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Progress

I wanted to share Cal Cunningham's recent statement on the hopeful, if not quite complete, progress being actively pursued on Capitol Hill towards the necessary repeal of the U.S. Military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

As anyone on BlueNC likely knows, I am a fervent Cunningham supporter and volunteer. But, as a member of PFLAG Winston-Salem and a long time champion of equality for all Americans, statements and a vision such as this one only reassures and validates my support of this great U.S. Senate candidate even further.

Obama screws progressives again

Can this "Democratic" White House be any less Democratic?

I'd swear Bush and Cheney were still in office if I didn't look at the calendar.

Enviros and homos get thrown under the Obama bus yet again.

...the man the Obama administration has chosen to take a stab at fixing the Gulf oil spill disaster. He's an avowed "proud homophobe," who thinks that "sodomites" are responsible for infecting "innocent victims" with AIDS, and he's an Al Gore hating climate change denialist too!

Was there really no one else?

Is there really any one left that thinks Obama -- or any candidate he is supporting in the primaries tomorrow (Blanche Lincoln, Arlen Specter) should be given another term?

I hope Arkansas and Pennsylvania Democrats give Obama and his minions at the DNC and the DSCC a swift kick in the groin.

Cunningham & LGBT issues

I only just ran across this today. I must be on the late train.

Elaine Marshall expands on LGBT/Civil Rights issues

North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall has been a steady and consistent friend of the LGBT community throughout her years of dedicated public service. In fact, just last month, Elaine participated in a live chat at Pam's House Blend to reach out to the community about her run for United States Senate.

As such, I wanted to make everyone got a chance to see Elaine's new expanded issue paper on Civil Rights.

More below.

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AFA Extremist Steps Down

The President of the American Family Association (nationally) is stepping down due to bad health. The AFA is mostly known for near daily boycotts against anything it believes to be anti-Christian. Boycotts have included Disney, Ford, Pepsi, and T.V. shows of all stripes. AFA is one of Christian Extremist groups that is furthest to the right. They called for gay Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe of AZ to be thrown in jail under sodomy laws in 2000 even though he was married with kids at the time. (More proof the anti-gay right wing doesn't "hate the sin" only, since they had no evidence of gay sex).

Don Wildmon's resignation comes after months of illness following a mosquito bite. A giant of right wing barbarism, taken down by a tiny bug.

Tell Senator Forrester to meet with his minority constituents or step aside

In light of Senator Forrester's refusal to meet with us, PFLAG and many African American constituents who have contacted me remain steadfast in our effort to reach out to the Senator. We would like to extend an invitation one more time to the Senator and ask him to join his minority constituents in a meeting or forum to discuss diversity and minority sensitivity. See the blog link on Pamshouseblend for the complete story. It's also in the Gaston Gazette.

Harry Potter to work to help in gay suicide prevention

Harry Potter star involved in gay suicide prevention.

Harry Potter

Guess he just lost the radical conservative and christian right audience !!

"Oh GAWD, Ethel...we can't let little Johnny see a Harry Potter movie!!! He supports gaaaayyyyysssss ".

Personally, I'm proud of his involvement in this.

NC: The Blend interviews pro-equality U.S. Senate candidate Kenneth Lewis

I was surprised to receive a phone call from the Kenneth Lewis campaign a couple of weeks ago; I knew a few things about the Durham attorney, who has jumped into the U.S. Senate race to dislodge Richard "Bank Run" Burr from his seat -- 1) he has little name recognition; 2) he has not held public office before and 3) he has worked behind the scenes in politics for a long time, fundraising and organizing on several campaigns, including the U.S. Senate campaigns of Harvey Gantt and Erskine Bowles. In 2008, he was part of the finance team in North Carolina for the Obama campaign.

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