Thom Tillis moves into first place for "lie of the year"

Republicans love to call Obama's statement about keeping your insurance under the ACA the "lie of the year". Of course it's not even a lie, because the ACA was adapted to ensure that people could keep their really shitty plans for a few years if that's what they needed to do to prove that they hate, hate, hate Obama.

Thom Tillis, who thinks that Kay Hagan and Barack Obama are the same person, loves to talk about Senator Hagan repeating the so-called "lie of the year".

But Thom, who's a consummate liar himself, has just moved into first place. Heck, he's probably cinched "Lie of the Decade". Discussing the NC budget debacle, during which he's shown himself to be ineffective and inconsequential (on those occasions when he bothers to show up), here's Thom lying through his teeth:

GOP tax "reform": tax movies, not yachts

As 2013 begins to draw to a close, it seems that the NC GOP spin machine is directed toward trying to persuade North Carolinians that they'll get a tax cut, including the use of posters with babies and countdown tweets:

The new Pope/Berger political dictionary

For those, myself included, who are trying to match the words coming out of the mouths of the new Pope/McCrory administration with their actions, here is a brief list of words and catch phrases that might help.

Republican motto: To seem rather than to be

Via email from CQ Rollcall

More and more independent budget hawks are starting to deride the [Republican] measure’s $2.7 billion in savings from abandoned earmarks as theoretical, at best, and illusory, at worst. Here’s why: The money was appropriated in fiscal 2010 and hasn’t been actually spent yet — and so by law remained available into this budget year. But, under longstanding practice, it would never get spent unless Congress re-upped its support for those earmarks in fiscal 2011. And since Democrats and Republicans had already put themselves on a pork-free diet for the year, the measure before the House calls for “cutting” spending that most likely would never have occurred.

Typical Republican bullshit.

Five Burrs

Keeping up with Richard Burr's lying ways is starting to be a full time job.

GOP & Right Winged Organizations Promoting Violence & Spreading Lies

I just saw last nights Rachel Maddow show. She had a guy on her show that used to be a Right Wing Republican until he realized how wrong they were. I think he was C. Everett Koops (sp?) son. He wrote a book about his experiences as a Right Wing Republican. He spoke about what is happening now with Health Care Reform Town Halls and how the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Right Winged Organizations such as AFP are promoting violence against public officals and Democrats and how there is a subtext to the lies that could easily lead to a right winged fanatic killing someone. That is my fear, what will happen if some lunatic actually does commit a violent act towards a Democrat and public official.


Uh Oh! I'm going to have to deal harshly with the King of Mud Sling, Karl Rove himself.

You see, these simple little discussions that Rove and Cheney and Bush and (enter your favorite Neo-Con here) are holding, while on their "Bush Legacy Tour: He Was Really Good At Keeping America Safe" really need to be refuted. Immediately. Harshly.

So, BushCo kept the USA safe? Well, except for that 9/11 thingy. Oh and that anthrax thingy. Oh, the disruption of cash flow into the average American citizens bank account. Um, there was also that spying on Americans thing. With a topping of torturing people.

I could go on, but you get the picture, right? RIGHT?


The Republican National Convention Electrified by Drama & Scandal

If the Republicans aimed to send out a strong campaign message during their convention about "McCain the Maverick," it’s not getting through. It isn’t Hurricane Gustav that's drowning out the convention message but the Alaskan pipeline of information on Sarah Palin.

The surprise Vice Presidential pick McCain announced just three days ago is generating headlines that read like a bad script from Desperate Housewives:

How to deal with wingnut whacko emails

Idiots are tedious, but lies must never go unanswered

Where’s Waldo, Wormhole Edition or Andy Curliss gets manipulated by Robin Hayes (Updated)

Bumped by SD - We'll replay all our greatest hits for one last storm before election day. This was originally published on July 8, 2006. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Yesterday (just a week before the Election) we found out that Hayes' recent accusations toward Larry Kissell of running a negative campaign are based on the following July 4th "controversy" in which Hayes claimed to have attended an event with GWB and Larry pointed out that he was fibbing. Of course, I used language a tad less nuanced in my you will read for yourself! Be sure to follow the link in the first paragraph to Part 1 of this story...what we have here is Part 2.

This story just gets better and better.

A few days ago, I documented Robin Hayes' baffling ability to render himself invisible as evidenced through the extensive coverage in the Fayetteville Observer, NY Times and Washington Post (including photos) of the luncheon Robin Hayes insists he shared with President Bush. Despite the claims made adamantly by his spokeswoman Carolyn Herns, we have yet to find a single shred of proof that Rep. Hayes was actually in attendance at the Fort Bragg photo op.

Join me on the flip side...

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