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At it again, the Voter Integrity Project.

The so-called Voter Integrity Project is at it again, this time objecting to the vote of college students that appears to affect the election of Democrats at the local level. They seem to believe that if you don't own property locally you should not vote in local elections. They have an op-ed piece in the Durham Herald Sun. I posted some comments in their on-line version of this piece, opposing the article. Many BlueNC readers have taken note of the so-called work done by this group. They must be called out, often and loudly.

I encourage you to call them on their so-called desire to promote free and fair elections.

Well, here in little bitty Clayton ...

There were a few actual registered Dems running for Town Council this year. Nice.

They didn't win any seats, but I was glad to see them interested enough to run, anyway. Just wish they had been interested enough to campaign like they seriously wanted to win (Rev. Cotton excluded - he was working like he wanted it).

However, the candidates who won seats yesterday were candidates from whom I received mailers & doorhangers and who's signs I saw every where; one progressive I (incumbent), and two conservative Rs (one incumbent, one challenger).

Clayton Council races are non-partisan, but they are all at-large which (and this is just my unprofessional opinion) seems to keep the council homogeneously caucasian, male and conservative. Not saying that ALWAYS matters, but you know even conservative white men know in their gut it does matter. If we broke up the town into districts and asked folks to run for the seat where they lived, things would certainly shake up a bit.

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