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Remembering Stonewall

Celebration of progress towards equality

There was a great array of speakers in Raleigh tonight at the celebration and info session around today's marriage victories at the Supreme Court including legislators, speakers from Equality NC, and the ACLU. My very preliminary understanding of the ruling is that there wasn't standing for Prop 8 which means marriage equality returns to California and puts about a third of the country's population in marriage equality states. And with the ruling against DOMA that means federal benefits will now be extended to same-sex married couples in states that recognize marriage equality.

Decision day is coming this week

Decision day is coming this week. We don't know which day, but we know it's coming. Discriminatory laws like DOMA and Prop 8 could both be put to rest by the Supreme Court this week. Even though that would leave a long ways to go on the marriage equality issue and other LGBT equality issues, it would still be the biggest advancement for LGBT equality thus far in my lifetime.

This is why DOMA must die.

This is why DOMA must die. This is why same-sex married couples must be a part of any truly comprehensive immigration reform.

This week's Marriage News Watch

Johnson's reversal leaves only three Democratic senators who still oppose same-sex marriage: Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Mark Pryor (D-AK) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

Senator Hagan takes a stand for marriage equality

And it's the right thing to do:

"I know all our families do not look alike. We all want the same thing for our families. We want happiness, we want health, prosperity, a bright future for our children and grandchildren. After conversations I’ve had with family members, with people I go to church with and with North Carolinians from all walks of life, I’ve come to my own personal conclusion that we should not tell people who they can love, or who they can marry. It’s time to move forward with this issue.”

For all the flak Kay has taken (much of it justified) for some of her policy approaches and priorities, this took guts on her part, and should be remembered. The GOP will be gunning for her vigorously in the coming months, and it's going to take every tool in the box to keep from losing this seat.

Equality vigil photo blog

Today was a day full of vigils, reflection, and preparation for the future. A voting rights vigil planned for the Pitt County Courthouse in recognition of Bloody Sunday and the current voting rights struggles in this state, and a freedom to marry vigil planned for the Wilson County Courthouse in recognition of this week's Supreme Court marriage cases. Today was spent honoring history from Selma to Stonewall.

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