The chattering classes

On a typical weekend, Facebook's political content calms down quite a bit, as everyone tries to relax and get away from their work-week activities. Even the biggest political geeks need a breath of fresh air.

This past weekend was different, and the difference has continued through Monday. It was like the way we hear the Feds say that 'chatter' on the internet was up all of a sudden. And there was a whole lot of chatter.

So, What's the buzz, tell me what's-a-happening, what's the buzz??

Education. Facebook, Twitter and even the old standby, email, were all abuzz over how we pay our teachers and education in North Carolina. This issue is not going away. Our elected reps may have left town, but they left a lot of wreckage behind them. The question is, who will be around to pick up the pieces after November's election?

And the buzz goes on...

A poem for Governor McCrory

Dear Governor McCrory, I’m writing you today
Because – as a citizen – I have a great deal to say.

I’m incredibly proud of this wonderful state,
Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great
From Murphy to Manteo we are all instilled
With a North Carolina value: a desire to build
We built universities that were the envy of the nation
We built community colleges that enabled vocations
We built a K-12 system that served every single student
We cultivated a political system that stressed politics less than prudence
We passed pro-business policies, and still invested in our communities
We took it upon ourselves to strive for equal opportunity
We made sure we supported the poor and middle class
But now we have teachers leaving us en masse
And now we’ve decided that public schools aren’t a priority
And now we’re at the mercy of an ideologue majority
And now we’ve become a national joke
And now the lines are drawn to neglect most folks

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