Medicaid expansion

The NC GOP's bullheaded opposition to Federal programs

A mix of provincialism and plain old superstitious clap-trap:

State Rep. Joe Sam Queen, D-Haywood, told about 175 people attending the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce's legislative luncheon on the Biltmore Estate that accepting federal funds to extend Medicaid coverage would increase jobs in the state and address the imbalance between what North Carolinians send to Washington and what they get back.

But state Sen. Ralph Hise, R-Mitchell, said he and his colleagues "are not here to chase the federal dollar, the federal money that's coming forward" as Medicaid is currently structured.

Those "federal dollars" are our dollars too, Cletus. Even the people who now fall into that "donut hole" that idiots like you helped to create with your stubborn refusal to cooperate paid Federal taxes, but thanks to ideologues in the Republican Party those folks (and a whole lot of others) are simply not being represented in their own state government. Hise is more interested in helping insurance companies than the people who desperately need health care:

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