U.S. House Democrats from North Carolina Pledge to Protect Health Care as Trump and GOP Attacks Continue

While the Mueller Report continues to make headlines and Trump continues his paranoid tweet tirade in denial, the Democratic majority in the U.S. House is hard at work trying to protect health care for all Americans. On a press call yesterday, Rep. Alma Adams detailed Democrats’ efforts to end Trump and Republican sabotage of the Affordable Care Act and deliver affordable, improved health care to all Americans.

Burr's Medicare "coupon" plan bad news for seniors

Nothing more than back-door privatization:

Under the proposal, the eligibility age would gradually increase from 65 to 67 over 12 years. It would also start a transition to a system dominated by private insurance plans.

Private plans would compete with a government-sponsored program, a retooled version of today’s Medicare, the Associated Press reported in 2012, when the proposal was announced.

While average life expectancy may have increased, much of that is due to breakthroughs in medical care. And if somebody can't access coverage they've already paid for until they reach 67 (65 is bad enough), their chance of reaching the ripe old age of 90 (or even 80) is seriously in question. Which may be one of the hidden goals of Burr's plan: Once they're gone, the cost of keeping them alive is gone, too.

Sign my petition today and share: Help me protect NC senior citizens!

For the past 30 years, North Carolina's Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) has been helping hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians save over $75 million on their health care. Now, some of the politicians in Washington are threatening to cut the SHIIP system that saves money for both taxpayers and beneficiaries.

Kissell will not break promise to protect Medicare, will vote against healthcare bill

I'm not surprised Larry would keep his promise. I might not always agree with his fiscal conservatism, but I agree that we don't improve healthcare in this country by taking away almost $400 billion in benefits from senior citizens. What are octogenarians to do? Go get jobs for the benies?

Kissell's statement:

"From the day I announced my candidacy for this office, I promised to protect Medicare," Kissell said. "I gave my word I wouldn't cut it and I intend to keep that promise to the citizens of the Eighth District and the senior citizens of this nation. While I believe comprehensive health care and insurance reform is necessary, I cannot vote for H.R. 3962 in its current form, which cuts $399 billion from Medicare."

My goodness! He almost sounds like a liberal in that quote. I mean, literally a very well-known liberal.

Kissell supports President's public option but will not offer up Medicare as a sacrifice

Rep. Larry Kissell has never once said he would not support a public health insurance option. In the latest whip count Kissell acknowledged he will support a bill with a public option as long as it meets the same criteria President Obama set out - it must be deficit neutral, end discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions, have real portability, bend the cost curve with real competition, and Larry adds one other requirement - the bill cannot offer up Medicare as a sacrifice.

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