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McIntyre Votes To Honor Veterans, Strengthen Our Military

U.S. Representative Mike McIntyre today voted to strengthen our military and provide an historic new commitment of resources for America's veterans.

The Military Construction & Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill was approved and includes record-funding for veterans' health care, support for military facilities and new measures to hold the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs accountable.

"America's veterans are our heroes, and we must honor them with both our words and our deeds," said Congressman McIntyre. "I am pleased to support legislation that will finally ensure our veterans have the resources and benefits they have earned and help improve facilities like the Fayetteville VA Hospital and local veterans' clinics."

Open thread: Proud day in the 7th

Mike McIntyre supports fatherhood . . .

. . . consider this your Open Thread

7th District Convention

302 Democrats cheerfully attended the 2007 Seventh Congressional District Convention - including 42 Democrats under age 36!

OLF- Site C update....McIntyre responds...

After weeks of faxing and numerous letters McIntyre's office called this evening and apologized for being slow to respond on the OLF issue. However, his staff person said Representative McIntyre is now talking with the Southern Environmental Law Center and, while wanting to remain "friendly" with the military, is asking if there isn't another approach to solving the Navy's needs.

The staff person mentioned it would be helpful if other Congressmen were being contacted about this. So...all I can say is let's give Walter Jones a real whipping on this...letters and faxes and emails...and let's also ask our other Dems to get involved.

Please...send an email or fax or call your congressman. All the contact Numbers are quickly available on my blog SE NC Dems...my blog

Whig Campaign Launched in Seveth District

I might be a little late on this, but the other day I read a comment on here stating that if Congressman McIntyre left the House to pursue bigger and better things that NC-07 could easily fall to Republican control.

Well knowing that was a total falsehood I discovered this little gem, which clearly illustrates that the seventh district has not been non-Democraticly held since Reconstruction, and before that its only competition came from Whigs and Federalists. So unless the zombie corpse of Henry Clay returns from the grave we've got nothing to worry about here.

Aside from that, the site is very interesting for history buffs.

What is the purpose of Elizabeth Dole?

I stumbled across this article from the Fay Observer about what, on the surface, appears to be a great idea.

The idea is to create a "Southeast Crescent Authority" modeled after the Appalachian Regional Commission. The purpose of these groups is to promote economic developement in the poorest areas of our nation. From a quick reading of the article, it appears that this program would be a large scale version of similar programs that have been implemented in a number of areas.

Open Thread: Miscellaneous Notes

In a survey printed in The Herald Sun, each member of North Carolina's congressional delegation was asked whether or not they supported George Bush's escalation of the war in Iraq. With the defection of Congressmen Howard Coble and Walter Jones, support even among Republicans is beginning to wane. What was particularly interesting, however, was Sen. Elizabeth Dole's remark which carefully avoided offering strong support for the increased troop commitment.

I am inclined to support the president's overall plan to make economic revitalization and reconstruction in Iraq a higher priority and to increase the U.S. troop presence to help the Iraqi government impose its authority, weaken the militias, and bolster reconstruction. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee... I want to know more details about the specific missions these men and women will perform, and how this new direction will get the job done, stabilize Iraq, and allow our troops in harm's way to return home.

Does that sound like a ringing endorsement to you?


In The News & Observer there was a similar poll of how members of congress come down on the issue of federal support for embryonic stem cell research. Note that Rep. Mike McIntyre intends to vote once more against federal funding, but he avoided discussing his personal opinion. Instead the article specifies that...

McIntyre said in an interview last week that Democratic leaders know how important it is for members to be able to vote their constituents' needs. And McIntyre will vote against the measure again, his spokesman said Wednesday.

Looks like the citizens of his district made him do it. Poor man.

Lisa Price and a Scandal in North Carolina

Rep. David Price is a very popular man here at BlueNC, and well he should be. However, one person we don't pay enough attention to is his wife, Lisa Price. I've never met the woman. I wouldn't know her if she walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. However, what I do know is that she is executive director of the North Carolinians Against Gun Violence Education Fund, and that is enough for my great admiration and warm regard.

Gun violence in North Carolina is a terrible problem. Firearm death rates in North Carolina track substantially ahead of the national average, accounting for about 1,200 deaths per year. Even more tragic is that gun violence is disproportionately visited upon the young. In a typical year about 55 out of 100,000 North Carolinians between 15 and 24 will be the victims of a fatal shooting. Every five days a child in North Carolina under the age of 17 dies as a result of gun injury.

All of this is sad, but North Carolina is guilty of a second scandal with grave national implications. Our gun laws are so lax that we've become notorious as an exporter of illegal firearms to states with gun laws more rational than our own.

Mike McIntyre, The Blue Dogs and "Old Ken"

In the wake of the recent election, The Wilmington Star-News has given a lot of coverage to Mike McIntyre, and nearly all of it emphasizes his status as a "Blue Dog" Democrat. Typical of the paper's treatment is a depiction of Rep. McIntyre as very influential in a group of Democrats so conservative as to be virtually identical to Republicans.

One recent article leads off an interview with the Congressman by describing a sign that appears on the office door of every member of the "Blue Dog" coalition. That sign is a changing tabulation of the growing national debt. The article makes clear that the foremost objective of these conservative Democrats is addressing the national debt. That comes before everything else.

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