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In the wake of the November 7 election, attention has already turned to 2008. Specifically, many folks are wondering how the races for Governor and US Senate will most likely shape up. Jerry Meek, who leads the NC Democratic Party, even came by BlueNC to ask for ideas on whom he should recruit to take Elizabeth Dole's seat. His entry received more than 150 comments, an all-time high for a BlueNC post.

Over the Thanksgiving break I had the chance to talk with four people who work inside the beltline in Raleigh. These people personally know each of the individuals being discussed for various seats - and they are almost unanimous in their conclusions. Here's what they told me:

A shot across the bow

To: Representative Mike McIntyre
Subject: A shot across the Bow...

Dear Representative McIntyre,

My wife and I stood in the rain for 8+ hours last Tuesday working our precinct making sure Democratic and Independent voters knew the party affiliation of all candidates....judicial and otherwise. We distributed flyers in our neighborhood recommending Democratic candidates with arguments as to why they should be elected. We held a successful fund raiser for Julia Boseman, and we helped expose Al Roseman’s negative campaign. Nan is precinct captain for H9. You might get the general idea that we’re active and motivated to see significant change in our government.

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McIntyre the GOP Closet-case

Anti-Gay Politicians Watch 19 (see archive)

North Carolina Representative Mike McIntyre of the Seventh Congressional District needs to change his party affiliation.

Democrat? McIntyre's no Democrat... He fits right in with the Gay Objectors' Party (GOP).

I thought North Carolina Democrats, although on the conservative side, were a bit above the fray when it came to government-endorsed discrimination and anti-LGBT prejudice and bigotry. I thought they were smart enough to understand the simple concepts of "all men are created equal" and "Liberty & Justice for all," but I guess I thought wrong.

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