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Soldiers and slumlords: The privatization of U.S. military housing

Profiting from the misery of service members and their families:

The Corvias homes are among 206,000 now under private management in the 22-year-old U.S. Military Housing Privatization Initiative, the largest-ever corporate takeover of federal housing. The military says the effort has enhanced the lives of service members and their families.

Some of Corvias' tenants strongly disagree. They accuse Picerne's company of renting them poorly maintained homes riddled with health hazards that can trigger illness or childhood developmental delays.

Some background: In the late 80's & early 90's, defense budgeting overall continued to increase, but that was more about high-ticket items like fighter jets and such. The budget allotments for housing and other personnel-related issues suffered, and base housing deteriorated. In 1996 Republicans took over both the US Senate and the House, and (of course) their solution for this problem was to privatize military housing. And since the only rents that could be collected from troops had to match the BAH (Basic Allotment for Housing) rates, it was inevitable the quality would suffer:

Harry Brown's blatant hypocrisy over "concern" for the military

He'll use them as an excuse to ban wind farms, but when they actually need something, Brown is out to lunch:

Legislative leaders talked often this session about the importance of protecting the state's military bases. But their final budget appears to have omitted matching funds for a $9.2 million federal grant for that purpose. Under the DOD's new "Sentinel Landscapes" initiative, the federal grant money would be used in 33 counties in eastern North Carolina to preserve farmland and wilderness around military bases and the Dare County bombing range, as well as along low-level flight training paths.

Wasn't the core of Brown's arguments about Wind Energy projects about potentially blocking flight paths? And here he has an opportunity to leverage Federal funds to do just that, reserve land along those paths so nothing would impair them, and Harry Brown couldn't care less. You won't find a better example of hypocrisy than that, and when confronted with it, Brown reverts to the tried-and-true Republican default position: Bald-faced lies:

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