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Sandhills Area Open Thread

I'm not sure what day the Sandhills people were assigned for an open thread, but I'm putting this up today. (PS Valentine Love to all BlueNCers)

In today's Pilot Newspaper, Mat Moriarty has written another glowing article on Joe Boylan's adventures in Raleigh. Today's love letter is all about Joe's bill,

State House Rep. Joe Boylan has introduced legislation that would make Moore County its own judicial district.

The bill, one of several filed by Boylan in his first few days in office, would give the county its own District Court. Moore County is currently in a district with Montgomery and Randolph counties.

House Bill 163, Divide District Court District 19B. It has been referred to the committee on appropriations.

Richard Morgan Speaks (and speaks and speaks and speaks...)

The Pilot ran an interview with Richard Morgan today that covers lots of ground.

Q: Just curious: Have you given any thought to running for U.S. Congress next time around?

A: My second term, there were some folks -- who are my enemies now -- that talked to me about filing for Congress in the 2nd District when Moore County was split in two districts. They felt that I could beat [David] Funderburk on his first time, 1992. And I looked at them at that time then and I said, "I just got to the General Assembly, and I've still got a lot to do. And besides, I don't want to go to Washington."

When I schedule appointments there, honestly, I fly up there and get there about 9 or 10 o'clock and schedule appointments midday so that I can be on a flight back at 4 o'clock. I don't like to be in Washington more than two or three days.

Republican Cat Fight in Moore

This morning's edition of the Pilot has a very interesting article about an on-going fight in the Moore County Republican party.

Boylan Backer Seeks Ouster of GOP Officials is the title of the piece...One of state Rep.-elect Joe Boylan's supporters is seeking the ouster of several local GOP officials he says are loyal to state Rep. Richard Morgan and Manila "Bud" Shaver, referring to them as "traitors," "evil" and "a cancer."
Ed Kennedy is circulating a petition that calls for the state party to strip them of their leadership positions. He is working with Evelyn Hill, Sandhills Community College Trustee Ralph Redmond and several others.

The petition names all the supporters of Manilla Shaver who hold a position in the Moore County Republican party and seeks to remove them from their seats within the party.

Political Wish List for the Mid Term Elections

A big change is what I would like to see, no more of the Rubber Stamping that allows the Bush Administration to slash and burn our Constitution and our Civil Liberties. I want Checks and Balances back, I want all Americans allowed a voice, not just those with the most money.

Here in North Carolina, I'd like more people to understand exactly where the budget surplus went in the last session. Too many Republicans would have you believe that it was spent up. The truth of the matter is that it was not.....

Rory Blake - Rally -A-Day NC-06

Rory Blake, Democratic Candidate for US Congress for NC-06 is holding a rally-a-day, every day until the election (except Sunday) to express his views and give the voters in this widespread district a chance to gather one last time to support him and each other.

Blake feels strongly that: “We need to elect a democratic congress, both to stop the missuse of the power of the federal government and to stop the war in Iraq.”

The rally will be held at noon in the county seat of every county represented in the sixth district, beginning in Carthage in Moore County on Tuesday, October 31st and finishing in Greensboro on Monday, November 6th. Full rally details will be posted on Rory's website at by 3:00 on Monday. Please join us - let your voice be heard, and help send Howard Coble home for good!

Will Joe Boylan Represent Moore County?

I have been doing some research on Joe Boylan. After attending the debate between Boylan, Galloway and Shaver, there was something he said that piqued my interest.

“I believe that most of my contributions have come from individuals.” To find out if this was correct, I went to the State Board of Elections (SBOE) website. They have this really nifty tool there, “View Campaign Finance Reports”. You just fill in a name and go to their disclosure reports.

The “individual” contributions do in fact out number the PAC and "other" contributions. Let’s look a little closer. His total individual contributions add up to $77,933.59, of that sum only $19,091.52 were donated by Moore County residents.

Of Pinehurst, Golf Tournaments, and the Working Poor

I started writing this in a comment to Momo's blog about visiting Pinehurst, and realized it was taking on a life of its own. Not wishing to steal Momo's thunder, I post it here.

Pinehurst is a beautiful place. When you walk down the quaint streets of "the village", you feel like you're on vacation. There is good shopping (though the fashions are very conservative and not my taste), the people are generally friendly (though they are generally very conservative and not my taste), and you can have a great time at Dugan's Pub (any NC Blue-er who visits this area is hereby invited for a pint on me.)

When a major golf tournament, like the US Open or the Jimmy V classic comes to the area, we residents are told by the Chamber of Commerce, various government officials, and editorials in the Pilot (our local newspaper) what a boon this will be to our economy. The roads are re-paved, beautiful landscaping is done on every exit off of every major road. In 2005, when the US Open was coming, the contractor was promised a million dollar bonus to finish before the Open on an already $47 million dollar project to widen and redirect the path of US HWY Route 1 North of Pinehurst. This project redirected Route 1 outside of the business district of Vass, and has threatened the existence local businesses. It was stated that the reason for this DOT project was to alleviate traffic and make it easier to commute to Raleigh for "jobs", there are very few Moore Co. residents who make that commute. By and large, we live all live and work here. It is the belief of many locals that this project was done for one reason, and one reason only - Golf.

Tour NC With Me – Pinehurst

Algonquin, Sioux and Cherokee Indians roamed the Sandhills following the buffalo. Few settled the area primarily due to the thick carpet of longleaf pine straw that made for hard travel and quick moving fires in the lightening season. When the Europeans discovered that longleaf pines were a good source of naval stores such as turpentine and tar, the trees in the area were quickly used up and cut down.

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Downtown Pinehurst, Theatre Building on left, The Department Store Building on the right

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