Hayes Losing Veteran Support

Robin Hayes, the man who makes campaign appearances in an 82nd Airborne baseball cap, is losing the support of veterans in the 8th Congressional District in North Carolina. For your viewing pleasure:

Recently Hayes held a rally for veterans in Cumberland County and according to a prominent Cumberland County official only 7 people showed up. Ouch. Ouch. Double Ouch.

Rewarding Larry Kissell's Gutsy Move

Remember the gutsy move I told you about? In my diary from yesterday I told you how Larry Kissell had prepaid radio and television spots, leaving only $88.94 in the bank.

Well, today I get an email that made me smile. Apparently folks at DKos, MyDD and/or BlueNC have started donating through ActBlue in the amount of $88.94. Isn't that friggin' awesome?

Here's an idea of how far that money will go. Larry can buy 10 radio spots for that donation in his market. Two donations of that amount will buy one spot on television during the evening news.

So, who's in? Who wants to pitch in for 10 radio spots or half of a television spot?

Cook Political Report Moves NC-08 Race

I wouldn't normally write a one or two sentence diary, so please use this as an open thread.

Charlie Cook has now moved NC-08 from solid Republican to likely Republican.

Here are the changes:


CA-04 Doolittle Likely Republican to Lean Republican
CA-11 Pombo Likely Republican to Lean Republican
CO-04 Musgrave Likely Republican to Lean Republican
FL-13 Open Lean Republican to Toss Up
KY-02 Lewis Solid Republican to Lean Republican
MN-06 Open Lean Republican to Toss Up
NV-02 Open Likely Republican to Lean Republican
NY-26 Reynolds Solid Republican to Toss Up
NC-08 Hayes Solid Republican to Likely Republican
PA-04 Hart Solid Republican to Likely Republican

Oh.My.God. $88.94

There are many, many reasons why I love Larry Kissell. One of them is that he is willing to throw caution to the wind and go for broke.


Larry Kissell has released his COH figure - $88.94. He's challenging Robin Hayes to do the same thing. That's a very gutsy move.

Why in heaven's name would I be excited about $88.94 COH this late in the race? Well, because tens of thousands (more?) has been pre-paid for radio and television spots. Even more beautiful is the fact that Larry's ad - which puts a big smile on my face - is folksy, charming and positive. It leaves viewers with a good feeling.

Robin's ad? Well, let's just say he's running scared and playing in the muck. Sorta falls flat at a time when so many serious issues face our nation. It's something a young fratty-bagger, wannabe would throw together. Right, Garth?

Robin Hayes' Attack Ad Full of Doughnut Holes & Lies

Robin Hayes climbs in bed with Vernon Robinson to learn a thing or two about getting down and dirty. You'll know what I mean if you've seen Robin Hayes' new attack ad claiming that Larry Kissell is against Medicare Part D.

Hayes has been taking responsibility for Medicare Part D up to this point. He brags about his part in passing legislation that forces our government to pay top dollar for prescription medicines instead of being able to bargain for the best price. He's proud of his plan that forces many seniors to choose between their life-saving medications and food.

The photoshopped ad distorts Larry's features and attempts to ridicule his use of the word boondoggle to describe the mess that is Medicare Part D. Robin Hayes lies to senior citizens saying that Larry thinks Medicare is a waste.

Robin Hayes FINALLY finds Dirty Money he Doesn't Like

I figured it would happen at some point. Robin Hayes has finally found dirty money he can do without. He is donating the $4500 that he has received from various Mark Foley accounts to different charities that benefit children. Isn't that nice?

So, we can conclude from this lesson that Robin Hayes does not approve of pedophilia. On the other hand, the fact that he is keeping all of the dirty money outlined in yesterday's post tells us that he approves of adultery, money laundering, accepting bribes and fraud. How outrageous and bizarre! For a refresher:

American Prosperity PAC - Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-California)
2002 - $5,000
Currently serving prison term

Americans for a Republican Majority - Tom DeLay (R-Texas)
2002 - $10,000
2004 - $10,000
2006 - $10,000
Indicted for money laundering

Congressional Majority Cmte - Bill Thomas, (R-Cal)
2002 - $6,000
2004 - $10,000
Bill Thomas Congressional Cmte
2004 - $1,000
Admitted adulterer - had affair with Phrma lobbyist

Conservative Victory Fund - Steve Symms, (R-Idaho)
2002 - $2,901
2004 - $824
2006 - $883
Confirmed adulterer (by his wife in court documents)

Doing Our Nation's Service PAC - Donald L. Sherwood, (R-Pa)
2004 - $1,000
2006 - $1,000
Admitted adulterer

Friends of Bob Livingston PAC - Bob Livingston (R-LA) - Retired
2002 - $500
Admitted adulterer

Future Leaders PAC - Jerry Lewis (R-Calif)
2002 - $5,000
2004 - $5,000
2006 - $5,000
Lewis for Congress
2002 - $2,000
2004 - $1,000
Under investigation for defense lobbyist problems

Hoosier PAC - Dan Burton (R - Ind)
2006 - $1,000
Admitted adulterer

Peace Through Strength PAC - Duncan Hunter (R - Calif)
2006 - $5,000
Duncan Hunter for Congress
2002 - $1,300
2004 - $2,000
2006 - $1,000
Under investigation in connection with Duke Cunningham bribery case

Superior California Fed Leadership Fund - John T. Doolittle (R-Ca)
2006 - $5,000
Doolittle for Congress (or Friends for John T. Doolittle)
2004 - $1,000
Under investigation in the Jack Abramoff corruption case(s)

My favorite AP hack, Tim Whitmire, claims that only one candidate is politicizing this immoral behavior. Not Heath Shuler! Not Brad Miller! Must be Larry Kissell. Wow, Tim. Larry is politicizing immoral behavior of politician "A" and politician "B's" ties to politician "A". Say it ain't so, Timmeh, say it ain't so!

How dare the Kissell camp politicize the ties that bind one immoral politician to another. Because we all know.....






Robin Hayes, NC-08: Pedophile Apologist?

Several months ago I was knee-deep in the muck investigating Robin Hayes' felons and friends - or felonious friends - and his close financial links to several admitted liars, adulterers and (now) convicted felons. Little did I know that the information compiled would link Robin Hayes to an alleged pedophile. I am flat-out, completely, horizontally disgusted.

While the story continues to unfold on a national level, we have our own little story here in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District. Robin Hayes has strong ties to Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert, John Boehner and Tom Reynolds. All of these men apparently either approved of Foley's baiting of young teenage boys for homosexual acts, or they actively chose to ignore it. Now, they are shifting the blame to either the teenage boy(s) or the press or anyone but themselves and Mark Foley.

Please follow below the fold...

Larry Kissell, NC-08: Boots Still on the Ground

Lest you think I do nothing but pick on poor newspaper reporters, I've decided to take another approach today. I'm going to show a couple some love. The first, Joanie Morris of the Salisbury Post really earned it. The second, Tim Funk, of The Charlotte Observer is going to get some love for a much better job in portraying Larry's campaign.

After the hatchet job last week of GOP shill, Tim Whitmire, seeing some good strong reporting is refreshing. On a side note, I find myself chuckling over the fact that Whitmire's piece was picked up by only a handful of papers or news sites and only one was in-market. Voters in Fort Wayne, Indiana will probably be wondering who the hell Larry Kissell is and why they can't vote for him as will voters in Myrtle Beach and Hampton Roads, VA. Only WCNC (Channel 6 News) had the piece printed on their web site. The paper of record in North Carolina still has not picked up on the story. The Art Pope Digest in Raleigh carried it, though - big, BIG surprise.

More on the flip...

John Edwards to step up for Larry Kissell - Updated

It is official! The campaign has made the announcement. John Edwards plans to step up and help Larry win in November. Details haven't been released, so stay tuned for more information. There are so many things going on. Here's a rundown in case you missed anything.

Larry Kissell won the DCCC's "Action for a New Direction" competition. Here's a little more information to give you an idea of just how organized and mobilized Kissell volunteers are.

On Saturday, September 9th, over 25 of our most competitive congressional campaigns participated in "Action for a New Direction," a national volunteer mobilization day. One thing was clear -- Democrats across the country are ready for change and are ready to hit the streets to make a difference in this election.


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