Rob Christensen on the fall of McCrory

The GOP Legislature's contempt for Pat didn't help:

One small episode in 2013 seemed to illustrate the legislature’s lack of respect for McCrory. One of the first lady’s projects was to regulate puppy mills. The legislature not only didn’t pass her bill but went out of its way to embarrass the governor.

During the House debate in 2013 – with the first lady in the visitor’s gallery looking on – Rep. Michael Speciale of New Bern ridiculed the bill for requiring breeders of a certain size to adhere to standards such as exercising dogs and humane euthanasia. “Exercise on a daily basis – if I kick him across the floor, is that daily exercise?” Speciale asked. “‘Euthanasia performed humanely’ – so I should choose the ax or the baseball bat?”

Although Michael is a Speciale kind of asshole, this was just a symptom of a wider problem for McCrory. The GOP leaders in the General Assembly didn't want McCrory to be anything other than a rubber stamp Governor. They had their own plans (to destroy NC), and they didn't need some big-city mayor, however incompetent, sticking his nose in. And as I mentioned (a few times) last year, that contempt was never more evident than when they casually removed all transportation funding from McCroy's Connect NC Bond "baby." All his previous talking points, including a fancy promotional video, were flushed down the pipes. But instead of standing up to them and demanding they put it back in, he did a Patty Hearst and cheered on his oppressors. Granted, that probably flew under the voters' radar and didn't lose him the votes that HB2 and continual ethics problems did, but it surely drained Governor McEnergy's batteries.

Fascism Watch: Bullying in schools the new norm

The sheer volume of incidents is heartbreaking:

Report author Maureen Costello, the center’s director of teaching tolerance, says 90 percent of respondents said the election has negatively affected their schools, and many reported disturbing behavior. "Something that we heard over and over again are comments made to students perceived to be immigrants along the lines of 'Have you packed your bags?'” she relates. “'Are you ready to go home?' 'Guess we won't see you tomorrow.' So there's just been a lot of that kind of verbal harassment."

Virginia Foxx is a blight on humanity

Going after labor unions and overtime pay:

Organized labor has “sort of lost its reason for being” because of the many laws in place to protect workers, said Representative Virginia Foxx, a 73-year-old Republican from North Carolina who will become chair of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce in January, in a telephone interview with Reuters .

At the top of her agenda is the U.S. Labor Department rule that would extend mandatory overtime pay to more than 4 million workers. A federal judge in Texas blocked the rule last month before it took effect, but the Labor Department has challenged that ruling in a federal appeals court.

And right there she disproves her own theory, by promising to roll back pro-labor initiatives. We need unions now more than ever.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

And the parade of bad Trump picks marches on:

Not only is Carson not qualified for the position, but both he and Mnuchin (FED Secretary) are proponents of privatizing Fannie and Freddie. Which will probably bring about another sub-prime meltdown and bump a lot of lower middle class families out of the home-buying game. Make America rent again.

McCrory's dream slowly fades as Durham recount finishes

Cooper's lead actually increases by a handful of votes:

As of Sunday night, 53,000 votes had been recounted and the report said that Democrat Roy Cooper has picked up three votes while McCrory has lost one vote while the overall vote tally dropped by two. The task is to recount about 94,000 votes and Bill Brian, chairman of the Durham Board of Elections, said everybody is on the same page in wanting to get the work done.

“Democrats, Republicans, white, black, old, young; it’s been very much a community experience,” Brian said. “We’ve closed out three of the five one-stop sites. Then we had a very long day today, but we’re feeling good about ourselves.”

In a sane world, McCrory would have already conceded this race, but we don't live there. My biggest fear with this Durham recount was the possibility of the vote margin dipping below 10,000, giving McCrory his state-wide recount. That didn't happen, but they tell me he could still do that if he was willing to pay for it. Considering he's never had any trouble attracting millions of dollars from potential puppet-masters, that would come as no surprise. But the only way to overcome that 10,000+ deficit would be fraud, on a grand scale. We're almost there, folks.

Grand Poo-Bah of Pelham Klan where he belongs, in jail

Following a stabbing incident in his home:

The victim told deputies that he was stabbed multiple times during a Klan meeting at Barker’s home in Yanceyville. Deputies executed a search warrant at the home and the two suspects were arrested.

Hagen was charged with one count of felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. Barker was charged with one count of felony aiding and abetting assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

Ah, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fellas. Those of you who don't remember the Flintstones (or Gilbert & Sullivan) might not get the Grand Poo-Bah reference, but it really is funny. When I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, some jerkweasel approached me about the Klan, and I asked him who the Grand Poo-Bah was. He got a little huffy, and said, "You mean the Imperial Wizard." When I told him that was even funnier, he stalked off. Anyway, here he is:

KKK No Shows at Rally

Reports are that the KKK was a no show at today's announced rally in Pelham, NC, a town in western Caswell County.

Who did show Up?

About 150 or so counter protestors,
a couple of dozen members of the media,
a dozen police officers.

But no one from the Klan. At least, no one dressed in a Klan costume showed up.

It should be noted that NC GOP Chair, Robin Hayes, has joined Democrats in condemning Klan activities, saying:

Wilmington professor censured by his fellow faculty members

His right-wing online rants are out of control:

On Sep. 15, 2016, the Daily Wire published an article by Adams – “Queer Muslim Jihad?” – that publicly named and lampooned a student, Nada Merghani. Students and graduates of UNCW have since called for his removal and have circulated a petition to that end.

Referencing these events, Friday’s statement from Adams’ colleagues stated, “We value freedom of speech and neither endorse nor support recent public statements or actions that have resulted in the harassment and discriminatory treatment of students.” The statement goes on to affirm the professors’ ethical obligation to respectful and dignified treatment of students without regard to how those students identify themselves.

It's plain as the nose on your face that UNC-Wilmington is unwilling or unable to exert any control over this dude. And now he's endangering the lives of students, just to feed his infamous reputation. But where are NC's faux-Libertarian pundits, who engaged in a campaign to destroy the career of Gene Nichol for writing OpEds in the News & Observer and other publications? Crickets. As for his use of anti-LGBT rhetoric, his disingenuous excuse is, "They use the word, why can't I?"

NC Supreme Court's mystery "rule" needs more scrutiny

And the timing is very suspect:

Some legal experts find the change curious in its timing and mysterious in its intent. Certainly it prompts questions: Will this allow Chief Justice Mark Martin, who is now to be in the conservative minority, to pick retired justices to break ties who agree philosophically with him? Is the change even legal under the state constitution?


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