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NC GOP: Allow concealed weapons without a permit

Welcome again to Bizarro World:

§ 14‑415.35. Carrying concealed weapons.

(a) Carrying Concealed Weapon. – Any person who is a citizen of the United States and is at least 21 years old may carry a concealed weapon in this State unless provided otherwise by law.

Forget about unqualified North Carolinians gaming the system by obtaining a Virginia carry license to meet NC's Reciprocity agreement. Also, forget about reciprocity entirely. That "citizen of the United States" wording basically allows people who cannot concealed-carry in their own state (if that state doesn't allow CC) to come right into North Carolina and do so indiscriminately. This bill is the epitome of irresponsibility, and the entire world will be gaping at us in disbelief before the sun sets today.

Wake GOP celebrates 'Merica by giving away Kalashnikov

A symbol of repression to tens of millions worldwide:

The Wake County Republican Party is raffling off a trio of guns to raise money for this year’s election campaign. On Thursday afternoon, the party sent out an email encouraging supporters to buy tickets for the “U-Pick It Gun Raffle,” in which three winners will be drawn to choose one of “three great long guns” – an AK-47, a sport rifle and a shotgun.

“Celebrate the 2nd Amendment and support the Wake County Republican Party in the process,” the invite says. Supporters can buy a ticket for $10 or 10 tickets for $50; the raffle ends on July 9.

Er, that "sport rifle" referenced in the article is also an assault rifle, an AR-15 knockoff. If you consider scaring little children (and many adults) a "sport," I guess that description would fit. Apparently becoming a part-time arms dealer is a great way to cover the costs of running a political party headquarters, although I could list numerous historical cases where "arming your supporters" backfired for many wannabe tyrants.

Too many guns, not enough humanity

A sad but very familiar story:

Wake County deputies seized 46 firearms from an Apex home where a mother and daughter were shot to death, according to a search warrant released Tuesday.

Lemuel Gabriel Miller, 47, who also lived at the Humie Olive Road house, was later found dead in the 1400 block of Cooper Store Road in Harnett County of a self-inflicted gunshot, according to authorities.

Which of course is the epitome of narcissism, that if you're going to die, the women and children in your life must die as well. The man (however dead he may be) should be excoriated in public, there should be billboards showing his face and calling him a coward. If we did that regularly, maybe the aura of posthumous shame would deter future murder-suicides.

Teaching from the fringe: Campbell Law's extremism problem


And they claim Liberal professors are crazy:

But there’s another reason. Many gun-control advocates don’t like guns and don’t want anyone having guns. Their endgame is not gun control, but gun confiscation. Obama has pointed to the mass confiscation of guns in Australia as a model for the United States – despite the fact that the Australian ban had no effect on firearm homicides. Current gun-control proposals are just intermediate steps toward registration, then confiscation.

That's right, a professor who is teaching students who will one day soon practice law in our courtrooms, and some who will (God help us) eventually don robes as judges, has bought into the fringe belief that government is coming for your guns. And his "legal" argument is based on words taken out of context and parroted by the NRA and Brietbart:

NC lawmakers push nullification of Federal firearms laws and regulations

Talk about having a "chilling effect.":

§ 1‑641. Certain federal law regulating firearms invalid.
A federal law, including a statute, an executive, administrative, or court order, or a rule, that infringes on a law‑abiding citizen's right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution or Section 30 of Article I of the North Carolina Constitution, is invalid and not enforceable in this State. A federal law that infringes on a law‑abiding citizen's right to keep and bear arms includes a law that does any of the following:


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