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I attended a political event yesterday with three NC House members

Some good friends here in Chapel Hill hosted an informational meeting yesterday, featuring Verla Insko, Graig Meyer, and Darren Jackson. Attendance was off the charts, people were eager to find a way to take action in the face of so much ugliness and overreach by Republicans in Raleigh. There was plenty of chit-chat about the national scene as well, but the focus was on North Carolina in general, and the NC House in particular.

I had two takeaways from the meetings. First, I was encouraged by the level of energy of people to take action. Second, I was deeply frustrated by the "strategy" that seems to be driving the Democratic Party. I was looking for bold, fresh thinking. What I heard was "give money, host fundraisers, make phone calls."

Lindy Brown announces for open NC House Seat in Wake Co.

Democrat Lindy Brown announced her candidacy for what will become an open House seat in southern Wake County, when Rep. Paul (Skip) Stam retires after the NCGA short session in 2016. Lindy is a retired social worker (MSW, UNC-CH), and she is a former Wake County Commissioner. She ran and won in 2006 in a county-wide race.

N.C. legislature’s death penalty plan: Remove safeguards, add secrecy, ignore innocence

Despite high profile exonerations in NC, lawmakers say we need to hurry up and execute people.

The idea defies reason, and yet, this week the N.C. House took some disturbing and misguided steps to restart executions.

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