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A primer for McCrory's re-election campaign

Many months ago, a good tactician should have implored Pat McCrory to do the following: don't be a disingenuous, reactive, frat boy, tail wagging, hypocrite. Instead, come out of the gate and remind North Carolinians why you should and did vote for me to be Governor of North Carolina. Remind North Carolinians that you are on the same page as members who overwhelmingly control the General Assembly; and are a majority of that majority from the rural backwoods of The Old North State. Then and only then, the current acrimony between the executive and legislative branches of government might appear more palatable.

Are You Sick of This Yet?

Well today the North Carolina Legislature passed a law that would place the burden of paying for the cleanup of the Coal Ash spill in the Dan River on to the taxpayers. To me this is truly a naked act of an abuse of power by the North Carolina State Government.

Duke Energy, the sole proprietor and owner of the Coal Ash pond, the responsible organization for the upkeep and maintenance of this facility is now passing on the cost of their negligence and the cleanup to the taxpayer for a spill that was their fault to begin with.

There is no shame in the McCrory administration and no shame at all in the GOP led Legislature. While cutting every social program they can, cutting off unemployment, and trampling on the rights of the people of North Carolina, I ask you....ARE YOU SICK OF THIS YET?

Women are noticeably absent

'In NC politics, women are noticeably absent'

A recent N&O front page featured a photo of a beaming Gov. Pat McCrory surrounded by Rep. Thom Tillis, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, Sen. Phil Berger, Rep. John Faircloth and Guilford Schools’ Superintendent Maurice Green. The photo accompanied an article about the proposed salary increase for teachers with fewer than 10 years’ experience.

Notice something? No women

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Legislative Oversight Committee: listen online

December 10, 2013 – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Legislative Office Building - Room 643 ‏@VoterRadio
Legislative Oversight Committee on Health & Human Services recessing for lunch until 1:45 pm. #ncga #ncpol

AGENDA available online

Moral Monday Music Video

Central NC band Craicdown (friends of a friend) produced this Moral Monday music video. My friend forwarded an explanatory email from bandmember Jim Roberts:

Last week, Craicdown finished this video. We think it sends a strong message about the state of affairs in NC and I would like for you to view it and to share it with your friends if you are so inclined. The music was written by Rob Sharer and I [Jim Roberts] recorded and mixed the music. David DiGiuseppe put together the video so it was truly a group effort. I hope you enjoy it as we tried to bring some humor in the tragedy of North Carolina politics as well.

Give it a look and a listen - it's well worth it.

Colbert tips his hat to NC

The part about NC starts at the 4:10 mark:

Rip Van Winkle found dazed and confused in Gaston County North Carolina after a 20 year long nap

As you may already know, one of North Carolina’s many nick names is “The Rip Van Winkle” state. “In 1819, Washington Irving published his short story “Rip Van Winkle,” in which the character of Rip Van Winkle goes off into the mountains and falls asleep for twenty years — missing the American Revolution and all of the changes it brought. Many North Carolinians were beginning to feel that time was passing their state by just as it had Rip Van Winkle. The state’s leaders were committed to a small government and an agricultural economy. But with poor transportation, no public education, and little economic opportunity, thousands of North Carolinians left the state each year seeking a brighter future elsewhere. “(An excerpt from the on-line education site, Learn NC.).

The strange path of House Bill 695

The Strange Path of House Bill 695

The inflammatory N.C. House Bill 695, subject of the late-night voodoo in the N.C. Senate on July 2, was first introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly on April 9 of this year. At the time it carried the short title of "Foreign Laws/Protect Constitutional Rights," because it was ostensibly designed to ensure that the United States Constitution and the laws of North Carolina would be safe from the application of "foreign law."

More specifically, this odd little bill proclaimed that it would be the "public policy of this state to protect its citizens from the application of foreign law that would result in the violation of a legal or constitutional right of a natural person."

GOP approval rating among Republicans falls to 36%

from PPP Poll at The Voter Update:

The Republican-controlled legislature also suffers in the court of public opinion, with 56 percent of voters disapproving of the job being done by state lawmakers. Democratic voters are especially displeased with the General Assembly, with just 10 percent giving that body a positive rating, while 20 percent of independents approve of the legislature. Slightly more Republican voters – 40 percent – disapprove of the legislature than the 36 percent who approve


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