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Tuesday Twitter roundup

The truth will set us free:

Yep, not much to argue with right there...

Tuesday Twitter roundup

In case you've been living under a rock:

Don't be the voter who lets "them" figure out who should run in November. You are them.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Quite possibly the single most important thing we can do this year:

We simply must stop the GOP from undermining Governor Cooper's every effort to help citizens. Enough is enough.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

I was wondering about this just last night:

Trump voters have been pretty resilient over his ham-handed leadership since he took office. By "resilient" I mean "blind," of course. Which proves to me they knew ahead of time he would be a disaster, but voted for him anyway because they hoped he would punish the people they don't like. And when your hatred runs that deep, even if you get punished some yourself, it might still seem worth it.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

If this isn't in your top ten most important issues, you're part of the problem:

I don't usually play that "you're part of the problem" card, but there simply is no region/area where affordable housing isn't becoming a crisis. We all need to work on this.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Republicans are not done with their voter suppression efforts:

They apparently just want to rewrite the whole dang Constitution. More reason for us to GOTV in November and drown them in the Blue Wave.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is what's known as a "net gain" on the candidate front:

Regardless how you feel about the DCCC throwing its support behind a Primary candidate, it makes no sense to have five Democrats running for one hard-to-win Congressional seat while Legislative seats in the same area go uncontested.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Not bad for the first day of filing:

But that does leave 55 House seats to push for in the next 15 days. Roll up your sleeves.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Weird (bad) news on the gerrymandering front:

This may be happening in Pennsylvania, but I wouldn't put it past NC's Republicans to try it also. Hopefully no film at eleven.


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