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Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start today's entry with a complicated issue:

Quite possibly too complicated for our current leaders:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Once again, the dreaded "R" word comes into play:

His chamber's a star chamber, where the elite decide who to punish.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Since I'm in the mood for a distraction from politics:

You know, unless you actually feed the poor creatures sweet, juicy peaches their entire sad lives, I'll stick with my peppery vinegary stuff, thank you very much.

NC featured in Governing magazine

It's an ugly, sad story.

Until Republicans took control, the state had long been known as an outpost of Southern progressivism. This year’s elections may indicate whether the state’s shift to the hard right is in step with most voters.


Tuesday Twitter roundup

Be careful what you ask for:

David, I'd say this sums up my reaction:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

This one deserves rescuing:

His history of race-based prejudicial behavior makes him one of the worst possible nominees for the job:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Fear and loathing under the Dome:

"I bet that one right there is a Communist."
"They're all Communists, Cecil."
"But that one right there is especially a Communist."

Tuesday Twitter roundup

What should be a top priority for Dems:

Digging a little deeper into this inequity:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with a little hoof-in-mouth disease:

Since you brought up that number, how about the 500,000 people who will avoid going to the doctor until it's too late because you and your colleagues refused to expand Medicaid? You want to act concerned about people's health, stand up in the NCGA and do the right thing.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The truth shall set you free:

Yes, they have. And the example they set is spreading to other states, which scares the hell out of ALEC and the Koch Brothers.

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