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Rucho's billion-dollar trust fund

Taking food away from families to build up a surplus:

She says North Carolina got itself into this mess by giving tax breaks to employers, and argues that it's unfair to fix the situation "solely on the backs of the unemployed." But Republican Sen. Bob Rucho says "there were no easy solutions" for dealing with a debt to the federal government in excess of $2.5 billion. He says his plan will allow the state to pay off its debt to Washington three years earlier, while also building up a billion-dollar trust fund for the next recession.

I got news for you, Einstein: when the foreclosures start rolling in from all the families who are financing your heartless scheme, the housing market will crash again, and the next recession will be here before you can replace the batteries in your calculator. But don't listen to me, why not ask some of your real estate buddies?

The plight of the long-term unemployed

When employers no longer even want to talk to you:

But just how bad is it for the long-term unemployed? Ghayad ran a follow-up field experiment to find out. In a new working paper, he sent out 4800 fictitious resumes to 600 job openings, with 3600 of them for fake unemployed people. Among those 3600, he varied how long they'd been out of work, how often they'd switched jobs, and whether they had any industry experience. Everything else was kept constant. The mocked-up resumes were all male, all had randomly-selected (and racially ambiguous) names, and all had similar education backgrounds. The question was which of them would get callbacks.

It turns out long-term unemployment is much scarier than you could possibly imagine.

I know this is depressing as hell, but I had to post it. Many on the right favor the meme that long-term unemployed simply aren't trying to get a job, and I'm sure there are some that aren't. But the vast majority are breaking their asses trying to find something, and they don't deserve to be treated the way the NC GOP is treating them. The sadness continues:

NC GOP uncomfortable with its image

Even though it's a perfect reflection of what they are:

"They can have an eight-second sound bite that makes (me) look like an evil, cruel cold-hearted person, and the explanation of why 'no, this was the better of two bad choices' takes awhile, so we do have our necks out," said Rep. John Blust, R-Guilford.

Excuse me, but your neck is out? What about the tens of thousands of North Carolinians who will either not get the medical treatment they need or will be crushed with medical debt, simply because lawyers like you would rather see them walk through your private-practice door looking for bankruptcy help, than have NC's Federal tax dollars come back to this state? Your necks might be out politically, but that's what happens when you pull evil, cruel-hearted tricks on the people.

NC GOP just can't wait to screw over jobless

Making sure the crisis is redirected at the unemployed:

"We have a bill drafted, ready to roll. The federal extended benefits stopped on Dec. 29. We tied everything on that assumption. We didn’t know they were going to extend the benefits a year," Howard said. Asked what she would say to jobless workers whose federal checks will stop July 1, Howard said, "I'd tell them they got 26 more weeks."

This is the kind of service people get from allowing her ass to warm that seat for a quarter-of-a-fucking-century. The sense of urgency is not to help people who are in a crisis, it's to help business avoid paying a tax they've been avoiding for almost two decades. Disgusting doesn't even come close to describing it.

GOP cuts to unemployment don't add up

And the jobless will pay a heavy toll for Republican's fuzzy math:

A proposal to cut unemployment benefits and to reduce the amount of time people can receive them is petty, hurtful and unnecessary...without the cuts, the federal government would require that employers pay higher unemployment taxes, which would rise by $21 per year, per employee, until the debt was paid off.

That's right, unemployed workers (and their families) will lose more each week than employers would have to pay for a whole year. Considerably more. If there ever was a bill that should be buried in committee, this is the one.

Pay-to-play politics via the NC Chamber

And the unemployed are paying the price for that un-Democratic process:

the Chamber, and now some Republican lawmakers, propose to cut unemployment benefits to those out of work: The maximum benefit would go from $506 weekly to $350. And just to add to the burden of joblessness a little more, the maximum number of weeks for benefits, 26, would be cut on a sliding scale to between 12 and 20 weeks.

Soon to be followed by this headline: "Home Foreclosures in North Carolina rise by 40%". It's no mystery how this travesty came about, though. All you have to do is walk this vicious dog backwards to see who set him on the already suffering unemployed:

Former Labor Commissioner speaks out on UI debt "fix"

Harry Payne sets the record straight:

In simple terms, 34,476 of the state’s almost 200,000 businesses have not paid the $2.5 billion in unemployment insurance premiums necessary to cover what their layoffs cost the system and state. Now the same business groups responsible for the excessive cuts to unemployment insurance premiums that drained the reserves want the very victims of this economy to pay the cost of re-filling it by forfeiting benefits.

And I bet a lot of those same employers also refused to purchase legally-required worker's compensation coverage. But all of that flies over the heads of the "business can do no wrong" Republican corporate-worshipping congregation. Here's a logic-deprived rebuttal from the NC Chamber, who have graciously accepted the task of writing our laws for us:

GOP unemployment "fix" a disaster in the making

Cutting the ranks of the job finders:

The state Commerce Department estimates that 200 to 250 employees in Employment Security regional offices would lose their jobs if all the money from the reserve fund is channeled to debt and interest payments. Between 800 and 1,000 people work in 89 regional offices.

Every time I think Republicans in the General Assembly have reached the pinnacle of stupid, they climb a little higher.

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