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Just a few friendly reminders as you're stacking the gifts under the tree:

The NC Senate: Competitive Races in 2014

The NCGA 2014 elections are already starting to kick into gear, and we're looking at quite a few Senate districts in the state that have the potential to be in serious play in the upcoming election. None of these districts appear to have announced challengers yet, but they will undoubtedly be competitive races next year. Here's a look at the 12 districts we think will be most competitive in 2014. If you think there are others, or want to fill us in any potential challengers in these races, leave a note in the comments or contact us separately ( or Data was pulled from our previous post on Democratic Performance by Senate District as well as a September 2013 poll conducted by NC firm Public Policy Polling.


Moral Monday protests resume today

It's never too late for redemption:

The state NAACP chapter and allied groups plan a Monday afternoon rally in another version of the protests that led to the arrest of hundreds of peaceful protesters during the spring and summer.

The groups want lawmakers to restore unemployment benefits reduced this year and to expand Medicaid to cover hundreds of thousands of additional people, as the federal health care overhaul allows.

This is a follow-up to a petition with thousands of signatures that was delivered to McCrory several weeks ago, calling for him to convene a special session of the General Assembly to address some mistakes they made in the Summer. Mistakes that have brought unnecessary pain and suffering to hundreds of thousands of the people they are supposed to serve and protect. The location of the rally will have to be decided by the courts today, as the Republicans are trying to silence this group via permitting:

GOP non-solutions: Jordan Lake "fix" nothing more than a Band-Aid

And it's wasting taxpayer dollars better spent elsewhere:

The state project to use SolarBee circulators is a Band-Aid being sold by the General Assembly and the McCrory administration as a cheap fix for a polluted lake. Jordan Lake is huge. The amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, cyanobacteria, septic, auto, dirt and chemical runoff is unprecedented and growing. Jordan has been rated as “impaired” for years. Adding machines to stir up water may prevent some algae from blooming in a few places but won’t actually clean the water or reduce the pollutants. They won’t clean up toxins downstream, either.

As usual, Greg hits several nails on their heads in this piece. Jordan Lake's problem is an incredibly complex issue. Just as the nutrients and toxins didn't originate in the middle of the Lake, the solutions won't be found there, either. The way we develop land for homes and businesses, our approach to guarding against high flood waters, the methods we employ in water treatment and the disposal (discharge) of the slurry of crap we clean from water, and then toss right back in. Many things need to change, not the least of which is our head-in-the-sand belief that doing nothing is a viable and justifiable option. Negligence should never be an option, and neither should wasting money on dubious silver-painted bullets.

McCrory administration tries to deflect criticism over unemployment crisis

Shouting "Obamacare!" in a crowded unemployment line:

On Thursday, McCrory’s Deputy Communications Director Ryan Tronovitch shot back at Hagan in a written statement. It reads:

“Governor Pat McCrory is focused on providing real world solutions but unfortunately Senator Hagan is more focused on empty Washington rhetoric. As one of the Senators labeled with ‘Lie of the Year’ for her false claims about Obamacare, maybe she should focus on that debacle instead of speaking on the Senate floor with remarks high on partisan wrangling but lacking serious solutions. Name calling might be what Senator Hagan wants to focus on, but Governor McCrory remains focused on solutions-oriented approaches that will continue to improve economic opportunities for all North Carolinians.”

Really? You just did the equivalent of calling her a liar, and then you accuse her of name-calling? And since you felt the need to use the word "solutions" three times in this poorly thought-out retort, Senator Hagan is in the process of trying to solve a huge and painful crisis that was manufactured by Legislators and a Gubernatorial puppet who are only there to serve the needs of the few over the many. But please do keep up your sophomoric approach to messaging. It will make the job of removing you from office much easier.

NC Chamber whitewashing propaganda video

What a monumental waste of time and money:

Hagan blasts Republican-led NCGA over unemployment cuts

Hoping to fix a problem that never should have happened:

Hagan said the legislature “slashed unemployment benefits, making North Carolina the only state in the nation to actually stop receiving federal emergency unemployment insurance. The only state!

“This irresponsible and cold-hearted action by the General Assembly has been devastating to the thousands of individuals and families across my state who were already struggling to make ends meet,” said Hagan, a Democrat who faces a tough re-election race in 2014.

They just had to throw that last part in there, immediately following her words instead of somewhere else in the article. Forget about the people struggling to pay their bills; close political races sell newspapers. The truth is, the GOP's attack on the unemployed was unnecessary. They've already paid back half of that debt, and there won't be any kind of "bonus" for paying it off early. But we did lose millions in economic stimulus from the missing Federal extension dollars. And generated an incalculable amount of pain in the process.

More heat for Rucho's Nazi Tweet

It was either ignorance or deception, take your pick:

Last week, former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum equated Obamacare with Apartheid. This week, state Sen. Bob Rucho joined others who have equated Obamacare to Nazism (among other evils). Their obvious purpose is to inflame an uninformed electorate to be against something using terms representing atrocities. While imperfect, complex and rolled out poorly, to equate something that is trying to help people gain access to healthcare insurance as akin to Apartheid and Nazism portrays ignorance or deception.

Not sure we need to pick. Ignorance and deception probably share equal credit for this effort to enflame, and Rucho's obstinacy in refusing to apologize is evidence he realizes he was guilty of both.

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