Rob Schofield on the myth of the bathroom predator

It's a bulging briefcase with literally nothing inside:

When I pressed him to produce one credibly documented example in which a man had dressed as a woman in order to invade a women’s restroom and then used a law that allowed entry by people based on gender identity to successfully avoid arrest or prosecution, he told me I could “Google it” and find lots of instances. As Raleigh’s News & Observer and Politifact confirmed at some length in a recent story, however, this appears to be an urban myth.

You would expect a reaction like that from a Facebook troll, but a staffer from Art Pope's faux-Libertarian propaganda machine should be better prepared. Then again, when there actually is no evidence to race around, "Google it" is about all you can say. Hat-tip to Rob and the Salisbury Post for highlighting this vicious strawman attack.

Odds stacked heavily against overturning HB2

The politics of fear and hatred are very effective:

Could, as a Democratic legislator asked on Twitter, state Republicans push back against anti-LGBT measure H.B. 2 in the same way many have against Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy? The short answer is, “Not likely.”

“I am hard-pressed to see how rural social-conservative Republicans let this be overturned, or done away with. It’s just — I don’t see the numbers that are there,” said Michael Bitzer, Catawba College provost and professor of politics and history.

Setting aside for the moment the reality we're in an election year, and most of those GOP lawmakers don't have the spine to jeopardize their "safe seat" by doing the right thing, there's also an ego issue to deal with. After dutifully following their masters' lead and voting for something they couldn't possibly have taken the time to fully understand, to now reverse their position would prove that initial vote was reckless and irresponsible. Again, they don't have the spine. They would be admitting *two* mistakes, one of which calls their actual qualifications to serve into question.

Gun-loving anti-abortion zealot resigns from NC Legislature

A dash of good news in an otherwise depressing news cycle:

Republican N.C. Rep. Jacqueline Schaffer, who championed gun and social legislation during two terms in the state House, resigned Friday, citing business responsibilities. Republican Scott Stone, who won the GOP primary to replace her, said he wants to fill out her term.

Before being elected in 2012, Schaffer worked in Washington as counsel for government affairs with the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative legal group also founded by (Pat) Robertson. It specializes in constitutional law and promotes traditional values.

I was going to say, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out," but I've been trying to refine my approach to commentary, so I won't say that.

Van der Vaart just babbling nonsense these days

Is he angling for a gig on right-wing talk-radio?

The state environmental department is also fighting federal overreach to keep energy prices low and prevent bureaucrats in Washington, DC from taking control of private property and farmland through costly, unnecessary regulation. We have successfully stopped federal takeover of the state’s electricity system and millions of acres of private property. Decisions about how to protect our resources should be made in North Carolina, not Washington, DC.

Bolding mine. Really? The Federal government tried to take over our whole electricity system and you stopped them? When did that happen? And about those millions of acres they tried to steal: The entire state only boasts 31 million acres, kindly tell us which of those millions of acres you thwarted them from acquiring. Never thought I'd say it, but Skvarla was a jewel in comparison with this twit.

Bigotry "pledge" falls flat on its face

Revealing the religious right's true motives in the process:

The Keep NC Safe Coalition says a pledge sent to the state lawmakers looking to drum up support for House Bill 2 was inadvertently sent out. The pledge initially asked lawmakers not to repeal the bill or add sexual orientation or gender identity as protected classes under state law.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the pledge was withdrawn after officials say the pledge was mistakenly sent out Tuesday night.

The truth is, social media got a hold of this piece of garbage and it went viral, because the wording made it abundantly clear their goal was to keep LGBT folks from receiving any kind of protection from being discriminated against. And if you think the whining about HB2 pushback from Republican leaders is bad, check out what Mark Creech thinks:

HB2 toll continues to rise: 1,000 jobs lost in Raleigh

A punch in the gut for those who work in technology:

The head of the Greater Raleigh of Chamber of Commerce is calling for the repeal of North Carolina's anti-LGBT law, HB2, and revealed Tuesday that a technology company that had been planning a 1000 job expansion into the area has now canceled its plans as a direct result of HB2.

"The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce opposes HB2 and calls for its immediate repeal," Giuliani, whose group includes more than 2300 member companies, says in his statement.

Cue the hammer-headed GOP damage control team to dig around and find out Giuliani is either a Democrat, or gave some money to a Democrat back in 2006. Or something, anything, they can concoct to divert attention from the economic bleeding going on.

Phil Berger's true colors beginning to run

It doesn't get more bitter and resentful than this:

“People need to wake up: Roy Cooper, Barack Obama, two unelected federal judges and the liberal media are on the verge of completing their radical social reengineering of our society by forcing middle school-aged girls to share school locker rooms with boys.”

It appears our poor Bergermeister is facing battles on four different fronts, if you were to take this complaint literally. Make that five fronts: I forgot about the radical and subversive gay peoples. But seriously, there has to come a point when even a genetic aberration like Phil Berger would sit back and say, "Maybe, just maybe, I could be wrong." Or not. I'll let Rob finish this one:

More DEQ nonsense: The deregulation of E-waste

Designed to impress the logically-deprived:

You can follow the link, but it's mostly nonsense about the safety of dumping e-wastes in lined landfills, which is by no means accepted science:


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