Week in review

This week’s shameless publicity stunts by Fran Deluca and the corrupt Civitas Institute painted Republican family values in brilliant colors for all to see. Many observers walked away from the display with a clear understanding the Moral Monday arrestees represent a broad cross section of honest, informed North Carolina citizens. More still concluded that Civitas is a group of frat-boy bullies worthy of nothing but scorn.

GOP FAIL: The tax reform that didn't happen

For all their claims of effectiveness and efficiency, the North Carolina Republican Party has completely failed to do the one big thing they established as their top legislative priority for 2013. Rob Christiansen's column today at the N&O offers an excellent analysis of the Great GOP Tax Reform Fail.


Big Government Republicans now bullying Asheville on local elections

They way Republicans in the General Assembly are interfering in local governments, it's hard to understand why every elected official in every city and town in North Carolina isn't participating in civil disobedience on Moral Mondays. This kind of ridiculousness is simply beyond the pale.

The reason they cheat

Moral Monday protests: Why they matter

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By all accounts, tomorrow’s protest at the legislature is going to eclipse the previous three. Caravans are gearing up to drive to Raleigh from areas across the state. Facebook pages are encouraging participation and one has over 700 people saying they plan to attend.

But the protest will have little sway with Republicans in the legislature. They’re certainly not going to slow down the GOP push to enact regressive tax laws, shred the social safety net and privatize as much of government as possible. They’ve got a super-majority and a compliant governor who more resembles a lame-duck than a leader. Besides, the Republicans are as sure that they are right as the protesters are sure that they are not.

The dirty deeds on paper

Weekend wound-up: In case you forgot


Never forget


Help us track the crazy

We're working to build a list of all the things the Pope team has targeted to make illegal. For example, today we've learned that they want to make it illegal for cities in North Carolina to track their carbon footprints. (No, this is not a Blue Onion satire. This is real.) With that in mind, we'd greatly appreciate any input your can provide. Either post a comment or send us an email. Thanks.

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