NC GOP and ALEC Legislation

Conservatives, especially the true believers that now populate the NC General Assembly, are fond of quoting Adam Smith, the 18th century Scottish moral philosopher and political economist. They love the quotes, but the content escapes them.

Smith wrote in "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations",
"People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices." Smith went on to observe, "But though the law cannot hinder people of the same trade from sometimes assembling together, it ought to do nothing to facilitate such assemblies, much less render them necessary."

Every time one of our Republican legislators goes to an ALEC seminar or meets behind closed doors with ALEC representatives to write laws, they are conspiring against the public ... and corporations are always the direct beneficiaries.

Scarlet letters vs. pink stripes

It's a small concession, but one worth noting. Faced with an expected outpouring of concern from activists (and big-time sticker shock), GOP zealots have backed off the pink stripe of discrimination in favor of modest scarlet letters on drivers' licenses.

Could this be a sign of fiscal restraint on the part of the Pope administration, or perhaps some sign of humanity? Sorry to say, it's neither. This is simply a first small step in the GOP rebranding strategy, an attempt to make themselves less toxic to the growing base of Latino voters. One need only look at the issue of Voter ID to validate this conclusion. When it comes to suppressing Democratic voters, the GOP has no budgetary concern whatsoever over the hundred million dollar price tag.

What comes to mind when young people think about Republicans

Reasons for optimism.

"Corporate greed, old, middle-aged white men, rich, religious, conservative, hypocritical, military retirees, narrow-minded, rigid, not progressive, polarizing, stuck in their ways, farmers."

And with regard to NC ass clowns like Pat McCrory, they could have added, "chickenhawks, corporate whores, misogynists, and bigots." Gotta love that GOP brand.

Miles of rope

It has been said that the arc of the moral universe is long, but that it bends toward justice. I'm not convinced that's true, but for the sake of optimism, let's pretend it is ... and examine North Carolina's unique position on that never-ending arc.

By any honest measure, the moral foundation of our state is slipping south faster than shit through a goose. King Arthur III has extended his sovereign reign to control a puppet legislature, a hapless governor, and a corrupt court system ... with stunning effectiveness and discipline. Operating at light speed, their medieval agenda has made North Carolina a laughingstock throughout the nation and the world, undermining our economy, our public infrastructure, our schools, our environment, and the heart and soul of our middle class. These are the facts on the ground, made all the more daunting by illegal gerrymandering.

In the face of this perfect storm, BlueNC readers have had several occasions to offer ideas for action. One specific poll asked what Democratic members of the General Assembly should be doing. Only 38% said those members should work hard and do their best under difficult circumstances. Sixty-two percent, on the other hand, called for blowing shit up, walking out or doing something else. One of the "something else" comments was especially intriguing.

BREAKING: NC Constitutional Convention in the works. Monarchy on the agenda.

RALEIGH, NC - Based on a confidential report leaked by an administrative assistant at the John Locke Foundation today, North Carolina citizens will soon find themselves reclassified as subjects.

According to the document, Republican lawmakers in Raleigh will convene a constitutional convention this fall, designed to establish North Carolina as the first modern-day monarchy in the western hemisphere. When the convention adjourns, a coronation ceremony for His Majesty Arthur J. Pope III will take place at the historic governor's mansion. Assisting His Majesty in managing the kingdom will be The Little Prince, a position created specifically for Mr. Pope's long-time lackey and confidant.

After dark

Bob Etheridge & David Price address concerns about the NC GOP

Saturday morning (Feb. 9th) the Harold Ellen Harnett County Democratic Men's Club hosted their annual Groundhog breakfast. David Price who now represents a portion of Harnett County was the keynote speaker and Bob Etheridge was master of ceremonies. Each spoke about the future of the Democratic Party and the dangers of the GOP in Raleigh and Washington.

Breaking: NCGOP to define abortion as murder

APEX, NC - Representative Paul Stam told Triangle radio listeners today that the General Assembly will soon take up - and pass - legislation that will define abortion as murder in North Carolina.

"This Thursday, on Valentine's Day, the mighty hand of the Lord is going to strike back against the legions of whores, baby-killers, and fornicators who have ignored His holy commandments," said Stam. "Abortion is not just murder, it's premeditated murder. Those found guilty must be put to death."

Mirroring a proposal now making its way through the Iowa legislature, Stam says his bill will finally put women in their place. "The Bible says women are good for one thing and one thing only. Breeding," said Stam. "That's why my bill is identical to the one introduced by my friend Rob Bacon, a devout conservative Christian serving God in the Corn Hole State.

A dark day for democracy

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