New Jim Crow Party

It is time we called the Republican party what it has become - The New Jim Crow Party

The following e-mail is an except of what I sent to the Democratic House members who sponsored or co-sponsored House Bill 84 which would repeal discriminatory and degrading scarlet letter drivers that the McCrory ordered issued to all immigrants with limited duration permits of legal residency in North Carolina:

I want to strongly commend you for standing up to and challenging this scarlet letter policy that others across the country are calling new series of New Jim Crow laws – facially neutral but have discriminate against or have a clearly negative and damaging impact on minorities, women, the disabled, the poor and workers. See the excellent Raleigh News and Observer in today paper. See link below. I would be great if every Democratic House member signed onto this important bill, regardless of its slim chance of passage in this legislature.

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