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Monday Morning Open Thread - 3/24

I'm tilling the earth today. I have a 1000 sq ft garden out back, which is quite large for me. Some veggies I'm trying to grow for the very first time. The writing side of blogging will have to wait just a tad longer while I finish my initial tilling today. In a couple of weeks I'll work the soil again and then - if I can wait - I'll put the plants into my garden that have been growing in my breakfast room for the past few weeks. This is my idea of therapy.

What's on your schedule for today?

Oh.....Way to go Davidson Wildcats! That was the most exciting game to watch. We were cheering for Davidson and jumping around the living room. I'm sure the dogs thought we'd gone berserk. They usually hide when we're watching the Heels play a tight game.

Congrats to the Heels too.

Egg on my face - Open Thread

Boy, oh boy! I sure do feel terrible. I thought it was a good time to highlight our LG live-blog sessions. I had in the back of my mind that all three of the more "progressive" candidates had already been offered individual live-blog opportunities. I was wrong. Both Hampton Dellinger and Pat Smathers have been invited to live-blog with us and an invitation will also be sent to Walter Dalton as well. I apologize for the oversight.

Democratic Debate Open Thread

Tonight the grownup will not be in the room. John Edwards is at the Carolina v. Boston College game with his daughter Cate. The first debate without JRE brings all sorts of questions to mind. Will Clinton and Obama get snippy with each other? Will the debate have any substance? Will the pundits annoy the ever loving daylights out of us? Will I actually start liking one of the remaining candidates? Does it matter? The nominee will be selected long before our primary in North Carolina and I will most certainly vote for the eventual nominee. I don't have to like him or her.


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