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A culture of incompetence

The GOP swarmed into Raleigh in 2012 with promises of efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency. They swept up super-majorities in both houses, assuring voters that the days of back-room wheeling and dealing would be long gone. Big government had run its course, local control was the order of the day, and magical tax cuts on the rich would cure all of our economic woes. What a difference two years makes.

Tillis, Berger & McCrory rush new legislation outlawing elitism

This is satire. Please take it in the humorous spirit in which it is written.

Both houses of the North Carolina legislature rushed into late night session to pass legislation outlawing elitism in North Carolina and Governor Pat McCrory signed it this morning saying, "This is an important law to protect average North Carolinians from being discriminated against. I wish it had been in place before I selected our poet laureate. She was held to much higher standards than the average poet could meet. That isn't fair. Average people deserve a chance to get awards too."

The law addresses several areas where Tillis, Berger, and McCrory felt average North Carolinians were losing out:

NC Scholars

The NC Scholars program was started in 1983 to designate those high school students with high academic performance. The NC Scholars program will now recognize all students with a GPA of 2.0 and higher.

The ridiculously simple solution to NC's Medicaid problem

Fire Wos.

It's abundantly clear that Queen Aldona is the problem.

Both Hise and Dollar also said that the Department of Health and Human Resources sorely needs experienced Medicaid officials to manage a complicated program that provides care to 1.7 million North Carolinians: the blind, disabled, elderly and poor children and their parents.

To which North Carolinians respond "DUH!"

Yet the thoroughly incompetent Aldona does just the opposite, surrounding herself with people who have no such experience. To top it off, she pays them ridiculously inflated fees using our taxpayer dollars [emphasis mine]

Pretty funny

When it comes to his relationship with Art Pope, Mayor Pat is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Which only goes to show that Pope was nothing but the first in a very long line of inept appointments.

Asked whether his budget director, wealthy businessman Art Pope, would be the deciding factor on a budget veto, Gov. Pat McCrory said, “No.” Dispelling the often-voiced idea from critics that he is “Art Pope’s man,” the governor said: “He knows his numbers and where the skeletons are and where money has been hidden in the past and it’s very helpful. I make final decisions and my secretaries and budget director will go along. “We have healthy debate every Tuesday morning,” McCrory continued. “I consider him part of my cabinet."

Methinks Mayor Pat doth protest too much.


Pat McCrory goes for a swim in the Fox News cesspool

When you're a champion liar like Pat McCrory, you get to be in the Major League of Lying (aka Fox News). Pat went on TV to lie about North Carolina's unemployment situation.

The governor was on TV to talk about the state’s plunged unemployment rate and reduced federal debt following North Carolina’s decision not to extend long-term jobless benefits.

Varney asked McCrory if he thought cutting those benefits was the way of the future nationally, observing that there seems to be a philosophical conflict among some states over the value of benefits.
There is disagreement about whether cutting jobless benefits led to more jobs in North Carolina, or if the unemployment [sic] just quit looking.

Buzzfeed on McCrory

Frankly, Mr. McCrory is full of baloney most of the time. And the whole world seems to be watching.


Do over! Do over!

"Wha' happened, Pat?...Art stop short?!"

In a story July 6 about state budget director Art Pope, The Associated Press erroneously attributed a quote from Pope to Gov. Pat McCrory. It was Pope, not McCrory, who said: "My job is to advise the governor and present information to him that's just not my personal advice ... and once the governor makes a decision, my job is to implement those decisions."

Correction: Capitol Letter story

GOP tax changes mean you pay more

GOP tax laws took effect this week that will mean a net increase for many North Carolina tax payers. For some it may not be a huge increase, but the fact is we are paying more. Republicans will nickel and dime us to death.

Eliminated was the tax-free shopping days scheduled for back-to-school shopping. Many of us saved on clothes, calculators, computers, and basic school supplies. The savings on a laptop for high school and college students was a huge benefit to many of us. You can see the full list of potential savings here.

Also eliminated was the tax-free shopping weekend for those buying certified energy-efficient household appliances. This tax break may not have been as widely enjoyed as the back-to-school tax break, but it was a much-needed incentive to encourage people to buy appliances that are more environmentally friendly.

McCrory just can't seem to help himself

North Carolina dodged a bullet this week, as Hurricane Arthur rushed by, producing only minimal damage on the coast. We're all grateful, and we all know that the main thing standing between us and disaster was dumb luck. All of us except for Pat McCrory.

“We are glad that the public took our warnings and because of that I think we have reduced the negative impact of Hurricane Arthur,” said Gov. McCrory.

One has to wonder what motivates a person want to claim credit for the god's simple mercy. It certainly isn't a sense of humility. Perhaps it has something to do with miserable polling numbers.


Pat McCrory's "stupid hat"

It's never a good thing for North Carolina when Pat McCrory hits the national news, as he did today in a New York Times story about Hurricane Arthur. At a moment when people would normally look to elected leaders for reassurance and calm, Mr. McCrory delivered none-of-the-above.

“Don’t put your stupid hat on,” Gov. Pat McCrory, who declared emergencies for 25 counties, said during a Wednesday afternoon news conference.

McCrory must be spending too much time with Thom Tillis. Stupid hat? Big-boy pants? Get a room, guys. You're embarrassing yourselves, and us too.

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