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McCrory, Pope lie about tax numbers

Since the News and Observer gave us Art Pope's op-ed singing the praises of his TeaBagger legislature's tax "reforms", let's give equal time to Chris Fitzsimon, the Executive Director of N.C. Policy Watch, with his op-ed from the Robesonian to bring some of Pope's rhetoric down to earth.

The N.C. Budget & Tax Center finds that most middle class and low-income families will pay more on average under the tax plan, but it’s easy to see why the folks on the Right feel obligated to distort the facts.

There’s no dispute that a millionaire will pay nearly $12,000 less under the tax change. That’s a hard sell.

The claim that most taxpayers are paying less is based on a study plagued by flawed methodology. rth Carolina.

Breaking: McCrory pitches coal-ash smokescreen

There's a reason they call Pat McCrory the King of Coal Ash. He loves the stuff and is doing everything he can to protect Duke Energy's interests as the ash-pond debacle plays out. So instead of choosing the right thing (moving coal ash dumps away from rivers), he's developing a complex scheme to get away with doing the wrong thing (leaving it where it is).

Plus, watch out. When a greeder like John Skvarla uses his bully pulpit to call a citizen "sophomoric," you can be sure some good old-fashioned f*ck-you customer service won't be far behind.

WRAL has the story.

More of Pat's customer service: Crime victims' personal information exposed

WRAL reports that thousands of crime victims had their personal information potentially exposed on the DPS web site for years.

North Carolina Department of Public Safety officials scrambled Thursday to take down a website that included the names and personal information of thousands of crime victims, including rape victims, who had applied for financial assistance from the state.

State officials say it's unlikely that anyone actually accessed the site, but if anyone did, well, it was chock-full of personal information.

Speaking truth to power

can still result in attempts to muzzle the speaker.

Gene Nichol is now required to warn UNC and add a disclaimer any time he writes something for publication.

Printed under the column were [Nichol's] name, his title as the Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor and this statement: “He doesn’t speak for UNC.”

Since late October, the disclaimer has appeared whenever Nichol, a provocative and prolific writer, pens a piece for the newspaper’s opinion pages.

According to email records obtained by the N&O, Nichol, a former dean and college president and well-known liberal, has also been asked by his bosses to give them a day or two days’ notice – a “heads up” before his columns appear

That's because Nichol speaks truth that the powerful don't want to hear. And some of the powerful react with indignation.

McCrory's approval ratings still "under water"

Public Policy Polling is out with the latest numbers of our esteemed Governor McCrony. His numbers are holding steady at a 45% disapproval/40% approval rate, unchanged from a month ago. PPP says Pat's approval ratings have been "under water" for 10 months.


Robot Pat McCrory to unspool software tapes on wiring the mountains at Moogfest

Governor McCrory will have an opportunity to look remarkably unhip and out of touch when he kicks off this year's Moogfest in Asheville.

No, this isn't a joke.

Moogfest, a multi-day festival that includes workshops and panels on experimental electronic music and concerts by headliners such as Kraftwerk and the Pet Shop Boys, will kick off April 23rd with a panel discussion on "Wiring Silicon Mountain: Nurturing Innovation Through Technology in Western North Carolina". The panelists will include McCrory, Asheville mayor Esther Mannheimer, Hickory mayor Rudy White and others.

Open thread: Coal ash blues

McCrory appoints hand-picked ferry director

A local tv station on the Outer Banks reported a two days ago that McCrory has demoted a long-time system employee, Harold Thomas, who was ferry director since 2011. McCrory's pick is Ed Goodwin.

Goodwin is a former Chowan County commissioner, ex-Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent and 2012 Republican candidate for secretary of state. He has no experience within the ferry office.

DOT ferry spokesman Tim Hass says Goodwin will focus on broader initiatives related to customer service, capital improvements and relations with legislators.

More McCrory hypocrisy

Freshly back from playing pretend pilot in Washington, DC, Deputy Assistant Guvnor McCrony is once again comfortably ensconced in his home in Alternate Realityville, where he proclaimed this the "month and week of the young child" in NC.

WHEREAS, the State of North Carolina joins the North Carolina Early Childhood Advisory Council, the North Carolina Education Cabinet, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Public Instruction, along with the North Carolina Partnership for Children, and the North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children, in recognizing and supporting the people and programs that are committed to providing high quality early childhood education and services;

What's up at DPS?

The #2 person at the NC Department of Public Safety, W. Ellis Boyle, abruptly resigned.

W. Ellis Boyle, the No. 2 at the state Department of Public Safety, resigned after weeks of talks with agency Secretary Frank Perry.

In a letter to Perry released Friday, Boyle did not give a reason for what prompted his departure, except to say he was “resigning to pursue other professional opportunities.”

Boyle served as the deputy secretary and general counsel. His resignation is effective Monday, the letter states.

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