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NC GOP fiscal insanity: more debt for roads

Guvnor Pat and Transportation Tony helped add to North Carolina's traffic congestion problems yesterday by gallivanting across the state to pitch their transportation "vision".

The governor and Transportation Secretary Tony Tata traveled to four cities from Wilmington to Asheville to unveil a 25-year plan for rail, port, transit and highway investments across the state. Urban area priorities, such as mass transit and freeway upgrades, were included in McCrory’s “25-Year Vision for North Carolina.”

Like any other McCrory proposal, the "vision" is light on substance and heavy on sparkleponies, and the barnstorming tour is designed to attempt to get support by telling folks how wonderful the plan is and glossing over any unpleasant details, such as the fact that there's no money to pay for any of this.

On the streets of Raleigh NC...

...Of the shining Coal-Ash-Water,
Stood McCrory, the old guvnor,
Pointing with his finger backward,
O'er the water pointing backward,
To the purple ponds of coalash.

Yes, folks, Guvnor Pat is taking nominations for the next Poet Laureate of North Carolina. This time there are a few new criteria beyond Pat's original requirements (Republican, easily controlled person):

McCrory is less creepy than Tillis, but they both have the same baggage

It's not surprising that Tillis wants to cozy up to somebody, anybody, who could possible help burnish his miserable personality. But Pat McCrory? Seriously?

Chris Fitzsimon has a good take on the very odd couple:

But there’s somebody else who is surely watching the Senate battle carefully— Governor Pat McCrory—and not just because of his own political affiliation or his close relationship with Speaker Tillis. The race is in many ways a preview of what McCrory will face in 2016 when he presumably will be running for reelection. Despite his efforts to claim independence from the powerful leaders of the General Assembly—most notably his incessant claim that he is “stepping on the toes of the right and the left”—he has been a willing if not enthusiastic partner of the hard-right agenda of the legislative leadership that is so unpopular.

McCrory on Wos: “She is a brilliant, brilliant individual and is doing an outstanding job.”

When you're dishing this kind of bullshit, it pays to avoid using "brilliant" twice in the same sentence. Especially when the person being described has been an unmitigated disaster.

See more at:

McCrory playing word games over Medicaid expansion

More election-year sleight-of-hand:

The ABC11 I-Team caught up with McCrory at an event in Raleigh where McCrory both opened the door to expanded Medicaid and doubled down on his decision not to support the coal ash bill sitting on his desk. "I've never closed the door on Medicaid expansion and we definitely need Medicaid reform," the Governor told the I-Team.

"I don't know if broad Medicaid expansion is the right word," McCrory answered. "We've made great progress fixing it, but as you see, we still have a lot of consultants trying to continue to fix, especially, in the financial area."

The term "Medicaid expansion" in the current political debate isn't in need of interpretation or definition. The process is outlined clearly in the ACA; a set range of annual incomes that are not eligible for Federal supplements but do require assistance from some entity to be able to afford healthcare. And that entity is Medicaid. From McCrory's dithering comments, it appears he still doesn't grasp the problem. And if we're going to wait until Aldona gets tired of awarding no-bid contracts before we make the move to expand the Medicaid rolls, we'll be waiting a hell of a long time.

McCrory and associates finally defined

Sooner or later, more than just journalists, bloggers, or opinion writers had to step up. Fortunately for all three, and the state of the State of North Carolina, there's a fourth.

In his (Cooper's) remarks at the Levine Museum of the New South, Cooper attacked McCrory and the GOP legislature without ever mentioning the governor or any other Republican by name. He said both are “not just conservative but extremist.”

The greatest act in politics is when incumbents hand deliver their vacuous heads, on a silver platter, to potential opponents.

McCrory takes Al's coal ash challenge!


Alex Jones on Pat McCrory

Governor Liability.

Despite (false) hopes of a reset, the governor continues to damage himself and his party. The evidence is it will continue. Like Charlotte’s business oligarchy, of which McCrory is so fond, bank on it.

This reminds me of the diggers and fillers we had back at the Naval Academy. They were the guys who dug holes and filled them up again, usually to fix things, but often to break things.

In this case, McCrory's the digger. Duke Energy, the Chamber, and Art Pope? They're the fillers. Same as it ever was.

Pat McCrory's crisis continues: "legacy by damnation"

The words are haunting.

Charlotte Observer editorial board gets a hit before hook touches water

The Charlotte Observer editorial board inadvertently asked for takers on Saturday in regard to Governor Pat McCrory's Duke stock ownership. Like chum on the crest of a wave off of Cape Lookout, it didn't take long.

I’m a proud native of the City of Charlotte. One of my first jobs was delivering the Observer when I was in junior high school. I attended the public schools and went on to Wake Forest University for undergraduate and law school. After two years in the U.S. Army, I practiced law in Charlotte for 40 years. I even had the honor of serving as president of the Mecklenburg County Bar Association.

I also love our entire state. That’s why I accepted the opportunity to serve as general counsel for our former mayor and current governor, Pat McCrory.

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